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   Chapter 76 In which she is taken again

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 11880

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My mum dropped us at the police station and went home, she was now a little cheerful she even smiled at Scars dry joke. I guess having revenge gives you some kind of satisfaction.

She tried to convince me to come with her then seeing I won't Budge and It was unavoidable that I had to see the dpo. She then wanted to come with me to the station. After Much persuasion she finally agreed to go home. It took minutes of explanation and illustration for me to convince her that I'll be fine. I am strong and scar will protect me where I am weak I kept saying.

Immediately we stepped into the police station the dpo rushed to greet us with smiles. Creepy, "The thugs have confessed, we are going to arrest the culprit, now. A miss__

I looked at him shocked. It didn't take those thugs long to sell aunt Lisa out, either they were really weak or they had simply given up and wanted to drag her down with them. This leaves me to wonder if there is really honor amongst thieves. "No you can't, you can't make an arrest! please let's talk in your office!" My voice came out screechy, it was a matter of urgency.

The dpo looked at me in shock and confusion but still he led us to his office.

When we got to his office I explained everything to him leaving out the blackmail of course. I told him we were not going to press charges against aunt lisa because whatever aunt Lisa has done is not Isabella's fault and arresting aunt Lisa will only affect Bella, it will affect Bella more than it will affect her.

When you love Someone you start to know exactly how others feel when they love another. When you love Someone you know what it means to love and what it means to loose what you love. I know what it will mean to aunt Lisa or Bella to loose each other because I couldn't think of loosing my mum or scar.

When you love Someone you learn how to love others.

Just as we were about to leave the dpo's voice stopped us in our tracks. "She will definitely come back for you, you know that. She will never let you win. She will never let you have the last laugh she is a sociopath. What if when next she comes you are not ready?" He asked.

I looked at him and smiled, "whenever she comes I will be ready." If only I knew that it was Infact a very big lie. We can never be too careful

The next day was my entrance exam to the university or as we call it in my country "post utme". My mum kept worrying about me because I barely read or had Peace of mind during this period, neither did I go to any lesson. I kept assuring her that I'll pass it, I have a thing for exams or Rather they have a thing for me.

A photographic memory that left people in awe wishing to be like me. Only I knew the pain of not forgetting but during exam it was joy. Picture that, something bringing you both pain and happiness.

We packed to our new house few weeks after the exam and my mum got another car for me. Aunt Lisa in her hatred has indirectly helped us. This situation is the true definition of your haters will uplift you. One day I want to tell this story.

It sucks to be her

I had my room with a grey theme because grey was my best color and my brothers stayed in a room together. They were not twins but they could very well be, they acted and looked like twins and they were inseparable. Their room was filled with video games and toys, even their towel was Batman themed.

Boys*face palms*

I actually loved Batman, he is my favorite hero because he taught me that even humans, ordinary in themselves without super powers can with intel

the truck suddenly stops and my heart stops.

I pause to catch my breath when the trunk suddenly opens.

Again, I come face to face with my kidnapper. Only this time there is no light which makes him to look like a frail shadow. A nightmare. My nightmare.

"Who did you think will save you?" he whispers in my ears as he lifted me up putting me on his shoulders.

I didn't reply.

"Your Scar is not coming to save you!" He says and my heart twitches in pain. I sob silently but I try to control my emotions knowing that he was only lying to me. That he was only trying to break me.

My Scar will save me he always does, I say to myself even though there is doubt in my mind because something didn't just feel right.

Who were those girls I kept remembering and where have I seen them before? I ask myself but no answer comes to mind.

It was clear that I could not remember them but I didn't understand why it was so. I never forget a face so why didn't I remember theirs.

The man takes me deeper and deeper into the forest. The deeper he went the harder I found it to think.

It is pitch black now and even the moon is hiding behind a thick cloud. I squint my eyes in an attempt to recognize something but I can't see anything.

The man who is carrying me switches on a torch while the other two guys stay behind him like bodyguard's. We are in the woods now, I know this from the crunching of leaves and twigs.

He walks and walks and soon we arrive at a small hut and he pushes the door open dropping me on the floor.

"Rest this night. Tomorrow you have a lot to do or it may just be this night who knows? Just say your last prayer little girl, your luck has run out." he says as he removes the tie from my mouth.

"Bastard" I shout.

"That I am" he says, laughing with a flickering malice in his voice.

He locks the door leaving me in darkness. I look around for anything to hold on to but I can only make out a bare room. There is only one window where a small light came from and a measly, grimy mat at the corner of the room.

I start kicking and banging on the door hoping one of the men will come but that didn't help as no one came to my rescue.

I look around for a chair or something high that I could step on, so I could jump out from the widow. But like I said there was nothing.

At the end fatigue won and I slept.

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