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   Chapter 75 In which she collects again

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4050

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Immediately my mum saw her she rushed to her and before my eyes, my mum who has never laid her hands on me for the past one year slapped aunt Lisa thrice. Aunt Lisa's eyes opened in shock, she was taken aback and terrified. She did nothing but stare, her eyes watery from tears.

Scar rushed to stop her just as she was about hitting aunt Lisa the fourth time. Ok I'm officially never underestimating my mum again.

"You bitch! How dare you, how dare you put me and my daughter at risk. How dare you!" My mum yelled just as she struggled to get out of the grip of scar who held her tightly on both hands.

"You are the bitch!" aunt Lisa yelled back. I stood still watching the whole scene unfold in front of me, my mum was defending herself so I need not do anything. I was proud of her.

"You slut! Just because you sleep around doesn't mean I want to. What is wrong with you?why are you being demonic? do you think everyone is a cougar like you?" My mum screamed. She was still struggling to out of the hands of scar. Although I wanted her to defend herself I didn't want her to do something she would regret later.

Anger was highly inflammable and I knew that if not for scar she would have clawed aunt Lisa to death.

"That's why your husband left you, you are nothing but a mad woman, a jealous conniving bitch!" Aunt Lisa fired back. And that's it I have had enough, no one insult's my mum like that in front on me.

Walking further into the compound so I was few inches from aunt Lisa I asked Calmy, "Do you still have my account number "

"Oh, so you came here to blackmail me, family of blackmailers and sluts___"

" shhhh, " I hushed her sounding menacingly, shutting her up. "Do you still have my account number, I asked once nicely now I'm asking nicely again which is rare. I am not my mother, mistaking me for my mother is doom. The knowledge of the difference between I and my mum is the beginning of wisdom. Do not make me ask a third time Lisa, it won't be nice." I said.

If you think y

our Principal is intimidating then you should have seen me now, I was as intimidating as a human can get.

"Yea I do" aunt Lisa finally replied. She was scared I know cause her reply was more of a whimper.

"Good, now your phone is here, you will send the sum of 100 million naira now, ___"

She tried to speak but then I held her arms tightly, so tight my nails dug in it.

"Never interrupt me again" I screamed in her face, " Never" my eyes were blood shot now I could tell because I was tired.

"Yes, " she whispered crying. I felt no pity for her, she deserved everything and Even worst. I felt pity only for her child and her husband. Leaving with a toxic person is poisonous. It was the pity I felt for bella that made me extend mercy to her mother.

"Now as I was saying you will send the sum of 100 million naira to me. That is for the inconvenience caused. This is your last warning" I said coming close to her so our faces were inches apart. "If you should ever plan an attack like this again you will be going to jail. I will have no Mercy!. The only reason I am giving you another chance is because of your daughter, even if you are toxic I have seen how you love her and she doesn't deserve to grow without her mother. If you ever play a prank like this again it will be your end to freedom. I am invisible, Dont try to take me down mortal." I didn't yell but there was a slight edge to my voice that sent shivers down her spine.

People fear confidence

With immediacy she sent the money into my account, I saw the alert and nodded, but I didn't smile even though I wanted to."Do not let me come to your home again or you will be leaving with me in cuffs."

"Mum let's go, " I said holding my mums hands.

My mum nodded but just as we were about to go, my mum looked back and said to aunt Lisa, "You can never win because even within you a battle lives. Win that first and pray that your husband does not find out who you really are. I feel sorry that I once thought of you as a friend."

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