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   Chapter 74 Open the door

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4680

Updated: 2019-07-05 18:28

Oh my God! oh my God! I haven't seen my mum since and here I am kissing Scar like everything is ok in the world. "Oh my God! I hope she's fine" I wonder bringing out my phone to call her. My hands were sweaty and shaky, so shaky the phone almost slipped from my it, if not for scar that held my other hand giving me support.

I dialed my mums number and pressed the phone to my ears tightly. Every second that passed drove me insane.

My mum picked on the first ring her voice was shaky and cracked she sounded like she has been shouting for a very long time.

"Mum are you ok where are you why did you leave?" I ask immediately she picked my voice rising from worry. I was so nervous and anxious.

"I'm... I'm... At Lisa's house." She answered, a slight edge to her voice. She was clearly annoyed and pissed over something or rather someone.

Aunt Lisa's house! what is she doing ln that devil incarnates house? what is she doing there alone? My God!. Why do I have a bad feeling about this. I thought, panicking.

Voicing out my question I ask "Mum what are you doing in aunt Lisa's house?"

"I came to confront her, but she locked Me outside the gate!, she answered. She was clearly furious I know this side of my mum?

I looked at scar and he already knew what I was thinking.

"We need to go immediately, " he said for me. I didn't reply, when I didn't reply he put his arms aroun

expect you will be letting the police in instead. I'm giving you one minute to open this Gate and nothing more. Anything more than that and you can kiss your home and your family goodbye. Prison will sooth you perfectly." I added for effect. She said nothing till i finished speaking but I could hear her ragged breathing.

"Mum! She will open the gate now!" I assured her. She simply nodded without replying me her eyes focussed on the gate like a hawk waiting for a chicken. Scar was at my side now holding me. He was giving me back the support I was giving to my mum.

Few seconds later, the gateman opened the gate, aunt Lisa stood in the lawn her hands crossed on her chest. She was putting on a black gown and black accessories. She stood at the lawn like a Queen pretending she didn't know the crime she had committed.

Bringing her down from the pedestal she has put herself will give me more joy than you can imagine.

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