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   Chapter 73 Run run

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"How's the wound I asked JN as he came out of the emergency room. He was putting on another dress no longer his blood stained clothes. The dpo gave it to him, I guess they were now friends or something like that.

After we left the office together, the DPO Brought JN straight down to a private hospital which was one of the best hospitals in town. It was a Catholic hospital owned my priests.

JN was rushed in on emergency, the funniest thing was that he was walking to the room. Who walks to an emergency room?

I stood outside the door waiting for him while the dpo went out to take the robbers to Jail where they belong. I asked that we talk about the mastermind when he comes back which he reluctantly agreed to. He put up a good argument saying I needed to give him the name of the person was doing all this so he could help. But I was as stubborn as a Mule my mind was already made up.

Although I want aunt Lisa in jail I still have to think about her daughter. Loosing your mum is bad but knowing she's in jail for multiple crimes is just life changing. Isabella was just too cute to have to undergo such trauma. I was not that selfish.

To prove my love for JN I stayed in the hospital. I hate hospitals so much that I don't think I can stay here even for the sake of my own life. So much so I became allergic, but I was here for him and he was here for me. The smell nauseates me, everything here makes me sick as a matter of fact.

My hands were shaking as they brought in three men for emergency. They were bleeding all over their dresses soaked with blood. Their wailing pierced my heart. I heard from the nurses that they were involved in some kind of accident.

I closed my eyes so tight it hurt, I hated blood so much and seeing this can cause me nightmares which I really Didn't want. I felt pity for them and I prayed that God would make them well again.

"Its fine, it wasnt really deep it just grazed the flesh, a flesh wound, why are you shaking." JN asks looking at me, a worried expression on his face. I immediately felt guilty for maki

a public display of affection. The Answer is not now.

I wasn't confident enough to kiss scar in the public. Even though we all say we Dont care about what people say but that's a lie. There is a part of us that cares and that's what makes us human. Our emotions

Scar seeing my hesitation placed a chase kiss on my forehead smiling. "I'm sorry babe I forgot we were on the road."

"No it's ok I'm the one who should be saying sorry, " and with that said I kissed him. It wasn't a deep kiss but it was a kiss anyway. A kiss that left us both flushed.

I care about what people say but I care about JN more. Much more more more. People can go to hell with their judgements. Its my life and I'll live it the way I want to cause It's mine.

"Thank you" JN mumbled blushing. He was smiling, his smile made him look so beautifully adorable.

"For?" I asked cocking an eyebrow

"For loving me" he answered caressing my face, his fingers moved from my ears to my lips, teasing me, setting me on fire. I bent my head sideways so my face could touch his hand fully. He was driving me insane. God!

I didn't reply I didn't know what to reply. His touch left me weak momentarily I couldn't think of a reply to give, my head was fuzzy and my breathing laboured. I love him, I love him so much you have no idea.

"My mum oh my God!" I say panicky, snapping out of my reverie.

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