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   Chapter 72 Not white lion

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5239

Updated: 2019-07-05 17:54

Scar looks like he is about to pass out.

Drops of Sweat fall from his face and his breathing increases. He looks weak, but feeling him I doubted if he was really so weak.

The coward seeing that Scar is weak and sweaty and that their is no other close opponent that can challenge him_ saw it as an opportunity to get his leverage, me.

But over confidence kills even the Best men. He never should have touched me when scar was there.

He was close to us now, confident as ever, the gun still pointing at us steadily. But just as he was about to pull me to him, Scar kicked the gun from his hand and hit him hard with his head I felt the impact.

He moved back, livid.

Scar pushed him to the gate in one swift angry movement, like he wasn't wounded like nothing had happened to him at all. As if He was a lion and the coward his meal.

I so much wanted to ask if he was mortal. What hurts this man!

Scar pushes him against the gate so many times his head starts to bleed.

Then he pushes him on the floor and starts kicking him, kick after kick after kick until the coward could both longer scream out. He was now merely gasping, a bloody mess.

I look at the dpo who hisses with relief since he didn't have to do much. I looks back at scar who kept kicking the guy on the floor his hands balled in a fist, his knuckles white.

He stops kicking him only to raise him up from the floor. He was hitting the cowards face in quick successions now. Blow after blow after blow, each time the man fell he pulled him up again and continued with his assault

all emotional.

"Because I want you to know me, to love me for me. I just want you to know me. Damn the consequences!"

"Damn them all!" I reply laughing.

Scar smiles in return he holds my head in his hands and pulls me into a fiery and passionate Kiss, our tongues exploring on rampage. He kisses me. Once, twice, until I've had a taste and realize I'll never have enough.

He kisses me harder, deeper, with a fervent urgent need I've never known before. A need I reciprocate with urgent madness.

I moan his name and this time I didn't say Scar because no one deserves to be addressed on the basis of their flaw. This time i called his name, Because that's who he is that's who he really is, not Scar.

"So they call you Lion huh." I whisper into the kiss.

He shrugs. "Sometimes. You like it?"

I hum then smile. "Yea I do. As long as they don't call you white lion though. That guy is a criminal just like Ken."

Scar frowns but he takes my lips again and bits them. "Not white Lion." He mutters in the kiss. "Just lion."

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