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   Chapter 71 Keep away

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6366

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There are times in life when you become transfixed, abandoned, unaware of the surrounding. There are other times when you get tired of everything and anything, you close your eyes and pretend that nothing exist.

There are times when even if you close your eyes you cannot escape because in your mind reality plays like a movie, times where their are no escape routes for possible fire outbreak, no safe place, no back door, the only thing you need do is open your eyes and face reality. And burn with it!

That's what I did.

I opened my eyes slowly like a newborn child, happy because I could still open them meaning I wasn't dead. That's when reality hit me like a bomb, some situations are worse than death. This was one.

A bleeding scar was in front of me guiding me, arms around me shielding me, breath on my hair.

I blinked so much my eyelashes would have fallen off, I wanted to cry to scream but I stood there because option one and two were not probable. When you have so many emotions swirling inside you and you don't know which one to let out all you need to do is do nothing. Nothing doesn't affect you because it is well nothing.

Like my mum used to say; if someone speaks to you, and you Don't want to reply them because it could bring consequences all you need do is stay quiet. No one can judge your silence.

"Scar." I muttered gently licking my lips, moisturizing my bruised lips. My voice was a summon to him. He jerks and removes his hands from around me, letting go of me in the process.

We both look at the man in front of us he was dazed, perplexed by us.

"What kind of love is this?" he asks in a mocking tone. "This is pure madness! Insanity! this can't be real. You take a bullet for a girl who won't still be yours at the end." he says laughing hysterically.

He is mad or maybe that is just my opinion of him but my opinion of him is all that matters her

pointing his gun at him but the coward was not a coward he was the bravest of them all. The bravest of the four.

He observed and waited for the right time to strike that's why he jumped of the window, he wasn't scared he was hatching a plan. Those who think before they act win, winners do not act on emotional triggers they think, they observe. They wear blank faces and give out nothing to the opponent.

In the face of adversity your ability to remain numb and neutral is directly proportional to the probability of you winning.

"Move any closer and I'll blow their heads off!" The coward threatened, his voice firm. I flinched because I knew he would blow our heads off. I knew he would kill us and today will be my last day.

I wasn't sad, Love found me. A day with scar was worth a thousand years without him, a thousand years of nothingness.

But the coward made the worst mistake anyone could ever make; he underestimated scar and like scar told Ken he is not your average man. He is above average so the rules and statistics that apply to your average man do not apply to him.

In a bid to get more leverage as the police were already surrounding him. The coward walked closer to us, still pointing the gun at us ready to take us to our Creator.

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