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   Chapter 70 In which he comes again

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3304

Updated: 2019-07-05 16:36

"I hope we see each other no more. I'll take the documents now." I say.

I pick up the files and walk out. All I need to do now  is to go home give the document to my mum and make her sign then I return Mr Lucky's own copy to him.

"What about them!" Mr lucky motioned to the three men Lying on the floor. "You guys can't possibly leave them here!" He pleads.

"They will be picked up soon, you should leave too if you are not comfortable with them being in the same space with you."

With that being said, I leave his office and scar follows behind me. He tries to hold my hand but there is no way in hell I will let him. I haven't forgotten what he did.

"Mira!" he called as we walked.

"Yes" I answer, trying to keep my voice levelled up the best I could, but it still had am edge to it.

"You were really brave." he says.

"Not as much as I want to be scar, not as much, " I sigh exhaustedly.

I turn away, I didn't want to look at him. What if I blush when my eyes me


"Yeah I just heard you say it, I'm not deaf. Sorry who are you again?" I ask, my brows were raised in bemusement.

He laughs then he points the gun straight on my forehead.

"I am your end." He says.

I became still not moving, maybe from shock, maybe from exhaustion.

Just like it happens in the movies, The gun shot and the air shattered. The bullet tore through space and silence fell upon us in its wake. Someone spoke but their words were lost in the quiet.

I heard a voice call my name from a distance but it seemed so far away yet so close. My vision blurred, I lost touch of everything around me. Nothing was real.

Am I dead?

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