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I knelt down so that my eyes could meet his_the boss. I wanted to look into those eyes while I threaten him.

He needs to see that I am not scared, that I can actually do what I was threatening.

When I was satisfied with his look of fear. I went down to his trousers.

With my left hand I started unbuckling his belt he gulped out of fear. He started struggling but scar held him back in a tight grip, pressing his shoulders firmly on the wall.

This is so uncomfortable I must confess, I wanted to puke but I wanted the confession more.

"I..I.. I will tell you..." he squeaks just as I was about pulling off his belt completely. His voice trembles and I can hear his unsteady heartbeat from where I knelt.

Mira two, Lisa zero. Its high time she finds a weaker opponent. I won't be her slave, Never again.

I sigh from relief God forbid I touch that... That.. Thing.

"Who is it?" I ask standing up still holding the scissors should in case he tries to mess with me. This time I won't hesitate.

"Li..lisa..Lisa, " he stammers shutting his eyes tight as if doing so will make him disappear. He was not going no where till I get all my answers "That's her name" he added.

I rolled my eyes fighting the urge not to face palm.


"I knew it" I whispered more to myself"That bitch!"

My mum walked to my side frowning, she looked dumbstruck. I've never seen her that angry before like never. She kept clenching and unclenching her fist, I wanted to touch her, to relieve her but then I thought against it. She needs this, she needs to feed on her anger.

"What did you just say?" my mum asks, her voice is frail but firm. It spoke volumes.

"Lisa, she paid us to steal the money and to rape you both. .....She gave us all the information's we needed..... She said if we took the money that we could take it for ourselves that she didn't need the money but she won't let you both have it she said___"

The bus was talking non stop before my mum cut him off.

"Shut up!" she yelled. Her hands were shaking from anger, she picked her bag and without so much as a glance to my direction she walked out. I'm an African and when your parent leaves a place, you follow, Or die.

I was going to rush off with her but I needed t

o be sure that this guys were put in their place, with ken.

Black was still talking on and on about his arrangements with aunt Lisa.

"OK..." didn't ask this guy to confess his sins to me. If he wants to do a confession then he can go to a priest or shut the fuck up!

Why the hell am I not upset as my mum is by this revelation you may ask. Obviously because I knew it before he said it.

She's going to pay dearly for this, stealing from us is one thing but asking that we be raped is another and that's unforgivable. she has no idea who she's messing with. No idea whatsoever, my heart aches for her.

"The dpo is on his way... policemen some_" scar was saying. He was lost and I was lost. Things have become so exhausting.

"You called him?" I asked absentmindedly.

"Yes." scar answered as he picked up a rope. He rounded the three guys and tied them together to a pillar by the side of the Wall. The pillar disappeared in the ceiling. Kofi and the other guy were still unconscious so it was easy to tie them. On the other hand the boss kept begging for mercy.

"ohh shut the fuck up!" I yell from frustration when his begging became unbearable. "You are giving me a migraine, a lot of migraine."

Mr lucky finally stands up from the ground, his eyes searching the room_ seeing that the three men were tied up he smiled like a goat and sat on his chair.

He is such a coward.

"What happens with the event centre?" Mr lucky asks his hands placed on his desk.

Wait was it not this man who was scared to his shits. seriously, and the first thing he talks about is money.

I looked over at the boss who kept muttering only God knows what. I bent down and squeezed the cheque out of his pocket, it Wasn't an easy thing to do seeing he was tied but I did it anyway.

Scar kept offering to help me but I declined his offer, I'm not a handicap and I'll not be treated as one.

I place the cheque on Mr Lucky's table afterwards. He takes it from the table and smiles at me. His eyes twitching.

"It is nice doing business with you, you are a strong Lady indeed, really strong. I hope this cheque cashes."

I roll my eyes. "Of course it will. The bank manager has already been informed of it. Now can I have the documents?"

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