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   Chapter 68 Hold him down

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6369

Updated: 2019-07-04 17:27

"You can get up now, " I whisper to Mr lucky who is still on the floor his hands on his head.

One word described Mr lucky now. Chicken.

"No! Not until they are all gone!" he said In a rush.

"Fine suit yourself then! " I say through clenched teeth choosing to ignore him. It was obvious that he wanted to stay down till all this was over so he won't be hit by anything. Well guess what he could be hit by a stray bullet and for a moment there I Entertained the idea of him being hit by one, But I quickly shoved it aside.

I'm heartless I know

But a girl, her thoughts she cannot control.

"Now since I hate torturing someone my boss thought me a quick method of torturing my victims and killing them. I had to mame them, disfigure them and take the part of their body they loved the most. I'm not quite sure of what part of your body you love the most but I'll go for your balls, " scar smirked. I stiffened a laugh. My mum giggled shyly. Mr lucky shook under.

The boss hand came over his crotch in a protective manner, he looked ready to pass out. He sure loves his balls.

Scar looked at the boss intently, his eyes communicated his message.

I saw a rope on the side drawer it looked strong enough, I bent down and picked it. Sure it was strong enough. I smiled and threw it to scar using that opportunity to sleekly put on my phone recorder.

This confession had to be recorded, for every suffering Aunt Lisa caused to me so will her bank account suffer by me.

I am not your good innocent girl. I'm as dangerous as I am vile.

"Tie him so his struggles will be useless, " I say to scar grinning at the expression on the bosses face. Call me sadist but I did want to hear his screams and see his pain. I actually was getting turned on by this situation.

But I shut her up knowing scar was only threatening him and he wouldn't actually cut his balls of or would he? I still do

d cut it off myself." I turned to the boss and with all the anger I had, I made the most bitchy face in all history. I looked in his eyes and saw his fear, he was breaking he needed a little push and I was just the girl. I bet he thinks I'm crazy, hell ya, that's what I want him to think. "A life without a dick, I don't think that's a life worth loving, for a man or woman as a matter of fact." I say smirking.

I must have looked like Jezebel herself.

I looked at a shocked scar and hoped in my heart he understands what my eyes say that my lips cannot speak.

"Hold him!" I say motioning to scar.

He held the boss down against his struggles pushing him to the floor with his hands and leg, his left leg resting on the boss's chest to press him down harder.

Scars hands dug into his shoulders immediately he was on the floor, he pushed him up so that his back was resting on the wall, pinned to the Wall.

"I promise you that this will hurt, let's just say i am going to do a different kind of circumcision." I say as I moved closer to the boss's now frail form. His eyes widened as he saw my firm hold on the scissors. I held it like a pro.

He tries to kick me with his free legs which is not restrained by scar, but my reflex is strong. He missed.

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