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   Chapter 67 Hug him

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4114

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The boss immediately got on his knees. I wasn't surprised that he obliged immediately. Scar looked so scary if I didn't know for a fact that he won't hurt me I would have been frantic now looking for an escape route.

I took in his appearance, he was putting on a blue polo which was now stained in blood and black jeans with black converse to match. His eyes glistened in the sunlight that sipped into the room from the too large windows. His face contorted in a frown_

"Who sent you?" scar asked the boss

My mum moved from where she was standing since the whole twist in events. The look on her face could only be explained in one word. Astonishment.

She moved around the table so that she was standing behind me, on the chair I was sitting. Her hands were now on my shoulders

I refused to stand I could not stand because if I do then I might fall and I didn't want to fall.

She circled the chair so she could stand in front of me. She arranged her clothes and cleaned her face with her palm.

Then she smiled looking at me, it was a smile that reached her eyes. I was shocked, normally she is the weak one and I'm the strong one, the pillar. But now that I looked at her I couldn't help but admire her strength I

a baby, get me that scissors".

I blushed when he called me baby.

Leaving my mum who I had been holding since. I took the scissors moved forward a little and gave it to Scar whose hands were now stretched to take the scissors from me.

I stayed at an arms length not wanting to get close to him. I knew it was for the best.

I am a distraction to him everyone was starting to know that when it comes to scar I am his only weakness.

Also with the way his breath quickened when our eyes met while I gave him the scissors I knew I made the right choice by not coming closer.

What if he tried to hug me and the boss used this as an opportunity to take the gun from him again. There is only so much he could take after all he was just human like me.

Although right now, I want nothing more than to hug him.

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