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   Chapter 66 Now get on your knees

All is fair in love By Chang Du Characters: 2678

Updated: 2019-07-04 15:25

My eyes are open but I can't see, my lips move but no words come out, my vision is blurred and I am scared speechless.

I am stunned as I look at the scene before me.

Kofi was limping, blood pouring from his trousers, his head was swollen and at the side there was blood. Drops of blood fell down his face covering his eyes.

He fell down unconscious. He was shot, but by who?. The other guy at the window jumped off the window in fear for his life.


But then again maybe he was like Katherina Petrova like she always said "better you die than I"

Then as if he read my mind and saw my apparent confusion Scar came in, a gun in hand, his steps were measured and calculated like he has undergone some kind of military training. I won't be surprise if he had.

His eyes were dark f

situation other than this, I may have laughed even.

"Calm down man!" he says in an attempt to lighten the situation, but it only infuriated scar the more.

"Don't mess with me boy. Move!" scar yelled. Pointing the gun at the boss his gaze unwavering.

The boss moved back slowly, he walked away from me walking until he was in front of the table. With the table keeping us apart I could finally breath, his hands were on his head as a sign of surrender.

"Now get on your knees!" scar ordered still pointing the gun at him.

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