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   Chapter 65 Screams and blood

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3233

Updated: 2019-07-04 15:17

He walked to my mum pushing kofe aside he pulled her up from the table with her hair. My mum screamed in pain. I wanted to fight him to kick his balls anything that could inflict more pain than he was inflicting on my mum now but I was too busy fighting off my own demon.

I will get my revenge that was for sure. I am Mira and no one messes with my family. No one.

"Shut up!Where is the cheque?" he screams at my mums face.

"Here..." My mum chokes out a response. She is Pointing at her handbag that is on the floor.

"Get it!" he orders pushing her away from him with full force, her legs hit the chair and she stumbles falling. Her face falls on her bag and she picks it up and gets up.

"Get the cheque!" The boss orders.

My mum opens her bag and brings it out with shaky hands. She is breathing so fast I fear she may have a. Panic attack.

"Good." he says looking at her intently.

"Kofe call the account number for her?" he orders.

Kofe brin

s detached from his environment, like he is present but in his presence he is absent. The boss paid him no mind I guess that happens a lot.

I smiled when I realised what was happening. My Guardian angel will never leave me, he is my guardian Angel for a reason after all.

Scar will always be there.

The boss turned to me almost like he could sense my happiness, with rage filled eyes he points at me. "You" was all he said. It scared me so much I sat still on my chair preparing for the worst, the worst never came as I heard gunshots.

Someone was shot, there were screams and blood. But I didn't know who the screams belonged to.

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