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   Chapter 64 In which she begs

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5182

Updated: 2019-07-04 14:48

The leader of the armed men motioned for them to take their assigned positions. One of them stayed at the door to look out for intruders, another moved to the window.

The leader himself comes up to me and the other hassled my mum dragging her up from the ground.

"Sit down!" he yelled pushing my mum on the chair. My mum obeyed immediately she got up, she was still shaking so bad.

Her hands were shaking so much I was getting scared. She sat down weeping my eyes well up immediately. God! My mum is my weakness, I hate seeing her hurt. It would be better if I'm hurt than if I had to watch her get hurt.

Please hurt me Lord but spare my mother! That was my only prayer.

"Good girl." The man close to my mum says smirking, even with the mask I could see him smirk. I could feel it, it reached his eyes. The mask covered their faces properly, the only thing I could see, their eyes and nose.

One got to me pulling me up. I quickly recognized him as the boss. He was the one giving orders earlier. "Now you sit here!" He orders pushing me to Mr Lucky's chair kicking him out in the process since he was lying in front of his chair. Mr lucky moves away immediately. With the fear in him I won't be surprised if he faints

"Who is with the money!" he asks me after he pushed me to the chair. He was standing in front of me so my legs were in between his. I swallowed, tensed. I cannot deal with another ken.

God help me.

"Which money" I asked after I had regained my composure. Did he just say money. My reply was definitely not what

cash, " I cried sniffing. I was expecting him to slap me but he didn't.

"Don't play me for a fool, whose account Is the money in?" he whisper.

"" I stutter. It was clear why they were here now. I was thinking they thought we carried money around seeing our car maybe they thought we were rich or something.

But now I know the truth someone tipped them off about is buying the event centre. It could only be two people Mr Lucky or Aunt Lisa. If it was Aunt Lisa God knows I'll kill her. I'll wreck her more than Miley Cyrus wrecked those walls in wrecking ball. I'll ruin her.

"Good. You are finally cooperating I guess you finally know that there is no Hope for you. Your guardian Angel is no were to be found and he has finally abandoned you." He said laughing. "Such a Shame I was looking forward to wasting him." he brags.

His voice is filled with so much venom I am surprised he isn't a snake.

I gained one thing from his outburst though. I now know who sent them, I am 99.99% sure of the culprit.

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