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   Chapter 63 In which she gets down

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"I didn't call you an honest man did I?" I say staring back at him.

He looked at me with so much anger, if looks could kill I'll be dead now. "Mrs Amelia how did you bring up your child. You clearly did not raise her up well." he says furiously.

"Different from the way your mum brought you up obviously considering all your lies." I wanted to add and the fact that you are a manipulating motherfucker, but I decide to tone it down a notch.

"Mira!" my mum warns.

I ignore her "No mum if he wants respect he should earn it, you agreed to something  before now. Didn't you?. We came here not to agree on the price but to sign the papers and leave. Then you start giving us some bullshit about how their are other buyers. who does that? What kind of business man agrees then changes the agreement?" I was now furious. I had to take in deep breaths to keep calm.

"My daughter is right sir, we already agreed on the prize, I have the paper here the one we signed. I thought this meeting was only to sign the ownership..."

"Fuck the agreement we signed!" he yelled. How disrespectful and he is talking about respect. Speaking of preachers who don't do what they preach.


"You know what mum let's leave before I'm forced to strangle somebody, we can get another event center trust me on this. If he isn't ready to sell it to us, let him sell it to another of his invisible buyers " I say sarcastically, nudging my mum on her shoulder.

She got up quickly.

"Let's go Mira." she says eying Mr Lucky "I'm disappointed in you sir, I thought you were an honest businessman. I guess I was wrong." My mum says shaking her head.

We both are at the door now, I have a feeling he will call us back, so I walked slowly to the door. Truthfully, I want his event center and my mum wants it too. He wants to sell so its a win win. He will realize it soon.

He stood still behind his chair sur

hat felt like three years.

What the hell is going on!

Mr lucky was already on the floor before they gave the order. His hands are on his head murmuring some incoherent words I could make nothing out of. I didn't know if he was Praying or begging for his life I didn't concentrate to find out though. That was the least of my priorities. And like they say always set your priorities right

My mum was Still sitting down on the chair, the look on her face could be described in only one way. Horror.

"Didn't you hear me?" the first guy barked causing my mum to flinch she quickly pushed the chair backwards falling on her knees. She lay on the ground hands up face down. It was Like he barked away her shock and her hearing his voice again was a reality check.

I looked at my mum then at Mr lucky before laying on the floor, hands down face up. My body moved but my mind was shut down. I kept thinking about scar.

Will he save me?

Is he here?

Will I die now?

I'm too young to die and my mum doesn't deserve to die now. What about David and Daniel who will take care of them?.

How will they survive without us? There were many questions but no answers.

They walked further into the room, and with each step they took, my heart skipped a beat.

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