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   Chapter 62 Seeth

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4527

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The office is nice really spacious and neat, but the decorator did a whack job. I don't know much about decorating, but this is utter bullshit. I stood at the door and looked around.

There was a red chair at the end of the room, brown table, the walls were painted blue, and the ground was decorated with a black rug. I was shocked at the kind of disorganization the room portrayed fuck.

The man is now staring at with a scowl on his face, I am wondering why until I realise that I am blocking the entrance by standing at the door and my mum was behind talking to me.

"Go in na Mira, did you see a ghost."

"No I saw a whack decoration." I wanted to reply but I thought against it. The man already looks like he didn't like me. I did not want to give him another reason not to.

I walked into the office like a ghost half listening to my mum talk in a hush tone about how people who can no longer be trusted in business, and all other things she said which I didn't quite catch up with.

I was distracted. I've gotten so used to Scars protection that without him I get really scared. "I still can't see him" I muttered to no one in particular.

Usually when he followed me somewhere I usually see him, we lock eyes then I look away and smile. Pathetic.

But now I can't see him. Has he given up on me already? I thought feeling sad.


u are indirectly talking to me. I don't get why you are bothered with my suggestion, it seems like a fair deal"

"You disrespectful child!" he yells. He is going to use the respect card. Did I hear correctly. This motherfucker stepped out of  line.

"Mira is OK.. Maybe, " My mum was saying_trying to remedy the situation. But it only ended up infuriating me. I hate when someone tries to play on a persons weakness, and I hate it more if the person they are trying to play on is my mum.

"No It's not! This guy is Lying through his nose. Can't you see?" I seethe.

"You dare call me a liar" he shouts, Standing up. I remain seated he wasn't going to intimidate me if that's what he is trying to do by standing up. Did he look at himself in the mirror this morning he looks like a joke. Short, huge with a small face and small eyes.

I've been threatened by worse. I scoff, meeting his eyes.

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