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   Chapter 60 Leave

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7189

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"Mira please just listen to me" scar said standing so still I was scared he had been glued to the ground. But i was Still too upset and hurt to listen to him.

I survived because of this moment, the moment where I hoped that he he tells me his name the moment I where I could call his name, and feel it on my lips.

"Are you going to tell me your name?"


"Are you? yes or no" I said in between sobs

"Mira please listen to me I have to protect you"

"From who?? ken is in jail."

"The b--the world... Mira...please"

"For the love of God scar Dont make me wake my neighbors if you are not going to tell me your name leave! Ken has been arrested you can stop playing watchdog" I said cleaning my eyes from traitor tears or rather sobs.

Why I cry when I'm with him, why my tears betrayed me when I was mad at him and he could no longer offer comfort to me me I did not know, but it made be feel worse.

"Mira please don't say that_" he trailed off. His voice was hoarse like he was stopping himself from breaking down. Right then the only thing that kept playing in my mind now was a question. why won't he tell me his name?.

Only his name. Just his name.

"So I Dont look like an ungrateful bitch let me say this. Everyone knows you as scar no one knows anything else about you because you are a stranger to them. So guess what, I know nothing about you too meaning I'm a stranger to you. I don't even know your name I'm stuck with the stupid name the world gave you, the name my stupid street people gave to you. That's bullshit"

I was getting more and more upset with every word I speak.

"Mira you are not a stranger to me you are the one I love...i..I belong to you" he said coming closer to me his eyes never leaving me.

"I can't own something I do not know, something I don't even know its name.. Som.." I was already crying my hands were now placed on my chest to help me breath still I couldn't breath. Even if I did breathing would have hurt more.

"Mira!" Scar called, stretching to holding my arms while still inches away. He was scared of coming closer. A drop of tear fell from his eyes and he looked

Those times when he felt pain and the times he felt joy. All I wanted was to know him to be filled with him. To be filled with him so much so that I would know when his smile was forced or when he was uncomfortable. I wanted to know everything, I wanted to be filled with him.

And yet I couldn't even get his name. Love sucks. There was a pain in my heart, a pain I could not quite fathom.

A pain that was there like a hand was clutching my heart squeezing it. Daring me to breath only so I could feel the pain with more clarity. But it was clearer than day The pain was there the fear and I could do nothing because I just chased away my guardian Angel.

I felt like I was suffocating and all I could think of was. God! I love him so much.

He was fire and he had consumed me and now I had lost control. It was driving me insane yet, I could not stop loving him, I just couldn't and I didn't know why.

But it had to end like this so much for being happy. I guess it was all just a charade and empty promises.

Have you ever felt so much pain that you became numb? That was how I felt now, because my body has reached its pain threshold and it couldn't give anymore pain it had to stop feeling altogether. As pain was the only feeling present and if it ignored pain then there was no feeling.

My new life begins that I was sure of. I just didn't know if it will be with scar or if we would ever see each other again.

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