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   Chapter 59 Weak

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5920

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I joined him in staring at the sky before I was hit again my waves of emotions and I started to speak. To bare them all out.

"Everyone has a choice. I had a choice but I chose wrongly, I let my body decide for me because I was weak. I could have objected more, stopped him, fought, but my body was weak I made you watch I feel so disgusting, I hate myself" I ranted bursting into another round of tears still resting on his shoulders.

I cried when I was with him because he gave me comfort and he was my strength.

"It is all my fault." I kept repeating till she shushed me by placing his fingers on my lips.

"Shhh that's enough.... Stop hurting yourself. It is not your fault it is his. Yes, I hated watching the scene play, I wanted not to feel but I couldn't. I felt the pain like I was being butchered. Every time he touched you I felt like a part of My skin was being cut away. I was bleeding even before he hit me... But it was never your fault. Never blame yourself. He is gun now." He whispered the last part, his eyes were glossy from the tears in them.

"I should have stopped him I should have fought.. I'm sorry I insisted letting go of him" I was shaking from sobbing so much.

"There was nothing you could have done I know you think your mind was weak, but your mind was not. What if you fought and he.. He rap---he---rap-- God I can't even think of it, or say it." he let out a sad chuckle.

"I'm so sorry" I said again

"Please don't be." he said holding my hands protecting them. "I should have protected you. I should have let you In on the plan.. I should have.."

"That's OK. You did what was best for me, you always think of me first." I held his face so I could look into those eyes again.

"And you will always come before me... a

hing that has to do with ken. I would rather die than hurt you." he said looking truly hurt like I had put a bullet in his head.

Looking at him now I wondered how I looked probably, love is a dangerous Feeling. Its a weapon or a poison right now I don't know which to classify our love as.

"Then why the hell won't you tell me who you are or your name what is so important that you can't tell me your name. We might have spent all this time together but you are pretty much a stranger to me. I'm the only one who talks about my life or at least say what I want and all you do is listen not once divulging any information about yourself does that sound fair. Its that how this love story is going to be?"

"Mira.. All I want is you. You are all I want because you are all I need."

"Shut up and leave! Don't pull that card with me. I am not stupid."I half screamed. I was now standing at the gate, my heart was beating so fast in no rhythm at all_ I almost didn't recognize my own heart beat, it felt like my heart didn't belong to me anymore, like I had given it away. and I didn't realise I was now crying again. How pathetic. I was really weak.

He had made me weak.

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