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   Chapter 58 Silence

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5618

Updated: 2019-07-03 15:34

We stayed quiet, a comfortable silence devoid of any anxiety, filled with bliss, a silence that stretched the length of time.

The only other noise that could be heard apart from the generator sound was the sound of our hearts beating.

Scar was still focussed intently on the sky like he was searching for something. It was becoming amusing.

"You looking for a comet?" I asked breaking the silence.

"No I'm staring at your eyes." He replied with a grin. He still refused to look up at me.

I wanted him to look at me. I wanted the sugary feeling that came with me knowing that he has his eyes set on me. Only on me.

"Ehm sorry to dispute whatever you think you are doing but my eyes are right here." I started blinking. "This thing moving is called my eyes, and they are mine. Because they are on my body, is logic. Learn it."

"What was moving was your eye lid mira, not your eyes." He face palmed, choking out a laugh. "Stop trying to be sarcastic you suck at it."


How dare him laugh at me? As long as there is eye in the eye lid I'm still right I just forgot the lid. It is not like I didn't know. I was just carrier away.

The jerk enjoys making me feel stupid.


Well at least now he did look at me.

"Can you see it?" he asked pointing at the sky "You see those two stars over there, they are the brightest of all the other stars and they are identical. Those are your eyes the brightest and the most beautiful." He laughed.

My eyes followed his hands and I did see the stars and they indeed were the brightest and the most beautiful. They stood out like they were different, unique.

"I'm speechless." I rolled my eyes.


hink any girl will go through what you did today without fully breaking. It was overwhelming even I couldn't take that much. I'm the one who is sorry I let you go through all that. The dpo was suppose to come back immediately but he said it took long to gather his people you know the police. I'm sorry I let him tou--tou--ch you... I had to free myself, i couldn't wait for the dpo anymore seeing him treat you like he did, like you were just another girl.. You are not just another girl Miranda. You are my Queen, reina."

He said these words like they were a mountain crushing him, weighing him down, tearing him into shreds and then fixing him back into a lovely piece.

"No don't be sorry. I let him touch me."

"There is nothing you could have done, Mira.. you thought he would kill me.. You had no choice... He was using us against each other."

Now he hugged me. He wrapped his hands gently around me like I was a sand castle that could break away with any little push.

So why didn't he hug me back the first time if he wasn't mad at me? Did he want me to apologize to accept that I was wrong?


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