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   Chapter 57 In which she gets mad

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4791

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I was the puppet and he was the master.

After we had stopped to catch our breath we both ended up looking at the sky again.

I was kind of shy as it would be the first time I kissed him and then continued to stay by his side.

He suddenly called my name but it was such a soft whisper that I was surprised I heard it. But with him whatever my ears failed to hear my heart understood.

"I might become an expert at sneaking around and be called the master sneaker."I said to lighten the mood, I mentally laughed at how stupid I sounded. I was quite horrible in word coinage, very horrible. It was not among one of my many gifts I must confess.

He suppressed his laughter till it came out as a giggle and pecked me on the cheek, his lips lingering there for a second more, that was enough to have my skin melting.

"You know I sometimes try to count the stars." he chuckled our hands still intertwined.

"That must be a very fascinating thing to do, your life must be easy I teased. I knew his life was anything except from easy, he had a scar that made people label him a monster and get scared of him. I'm not sure he has a family either. That said, in addition to all this he had to love me.

Loving me is excruciating a task enough.

"I've not really had an easy going life you know." He said. his face twitching in a slight frown. But he quickly smiled, I guess he just realised that I was here by his side, his Reina..

"You teasing me are you not?" He asked, using his ring finger to poke my ribs till I laughed, a laugh that came from the inside.

"I've not either. My mantra is never cry, and never show weakness, feel it but don't show it. They are your weaknesses alone. I don't think you have to let others no. I have spent so much time hiding my weaknesses I have actually started forgetting my strengths. But with you, that has changed."

He smiled

What's yoursjQuery21406232600344081307_1562161118298"

"Mine is kind of longer, something my dad used to say" he said smiling at the mention of his dad's name. It was a different kind of smile a sad smile, a smile that spoke volumes.

"Do tell" I said giggling. Eyes sparkling from the moonlight. I didn't want his mood to go sour. I wanted him to remain happy, to always be happy. I wondered if there could ever be a life free of pain, if there is I wished it for him and not myself. But I guess wish

ing it for him was the same as wishing it for myself, if he was happy I was.

"My father used to say and I quote.

"When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road you are trudging seems all up hill, when the funds are low and the debts are high, do crime."

"Awww that's nice.. "I laughed out. "So crime!"

"He was a nice man, a very nice man." I could hear the Sarcasm in Scars voice but he smiled sadly, his eyes still fixed on the sky.

Soon the sad smile was replaced with a beautiful one. The one I wanted him to have on his face always.

I was a hopeless romantic, just like he was. Were we not the perfect couple?

I knew the memory of his father brought him sorrow if his first smile was anything to judge from. But when he said he was a nice man I guess he remembered something nice about his father, and he chose to hold on to that instead of the painful part.

In life we do not always have to focus on the sad part, life is not a bed of roses and even if it were a bed of roses there will still be thorns. I always keep this is mind. Whenever the thorns prick you and you think there is no more rose, all you have to do is look up, and get up. The thorns are beneath the rose and you can only catch a glimpse of the rose if you are up. Let the scent envelop you till the pain becomes non existent. Always stand never settle for a fall, if you settle for that you won't see the rose you will only be pricked my its thorns.

"The closer I get to you.." I half shouted quietly. I still haven't forgotten that I was threading on dangerous ground. I was imitating an African American in a movie I watched. I've always loved their accent and my love for it grew more when I watched the famous rush hour, my best movie ever.

I can watch that movie my whole life. I loved the team Chris Tucker and Jackie made, it was amazing.

I was hoping he would laugh at my goofiness. I think i did  good judging from the way he smiled. At least he did smile that was a starting point.

"Shhhh you talk too much." he teased.

"Ok thou shall talk no more to ye"

I said trying to speak like they did during the Shakespearean period. His an amazing writer but his books are still as confusing as algebra. I almost went insane reading the tempest all the thou's and ye's and tis. It was English but I felt like I was reading a Spanish novel.

Lord have mercy.

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