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   Chapter 56 Jerk

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"You know whenever I sneak out to see you, I feel like I'm undergoing a training for when I become a lawyer. I so want to study criminal law... and maybe I'm going to take up a life threatening case that involves me sneaking around or impersonating someone you know those things they do in movies. I've always loved a life of adventure a kind of crazy wild life. A life of risk, the risk... They give me life." I whined. I love to talk about my passions. "I have always dreamed of a love that is not only passionate but adventurous. That's the kind of love I want Scar."

"I know, it is in your eyes." Scar said squeezing my hand, his eyes did not move away from the sky. It was like he saw Me there like I was there and not here. Did he want me to be perfect so much he had created another me in his head, a me that lived in the sky. Did he see me as an angel or a light in the dark something out of the ordinary.

"You know I want to experience all that there is to experience. I don't want to die living in just a small part of the world, experiencing nothing. I want to live not exist. I want to travel and love and eat. Experience the peak of civilization and also the beauty and strength of the ancient times. I want to light a fire with a stone and make herbs maybe."

He smiled

"I want to be painted and sung to in the night while the cool breeze touches my skin and the moon illuminates my eyes, so that I look somewhat etheral. I want to dance and forget all my troubles, go wild in the dancefloor grinding some nigga I love." I said that last part smirking.

That came out fast.

"Hopefully that would be me." Scar added.

"Hopefully!" I was going to laugh but I ended up giggling like a kid.

"What else do you want Mira?" He asked as if he was loving my reverie like the night wind.

The way he called my name was a beautiful symphony. So distinct, the only thing I could understand, that I could listen to. If you listened close you would have heard the music that was made from the rhythm of our heartbeats. Slow, peaceful, the kind of music that brought tears to your eyes and filled you with an uncontrollable burst of emotions. Emotions that you never knew were there because they had been buried so deep it had been long forgotten, but they were there waiting, waiting for a stimulant.

"I want to visit museums and art galleries, swim in the oceans and climb the mountains. I want to dance in the rain. I want to have wild crazy sex and also sweet passionate love. So much so that i feel like I'm in another world, and we the only people in it. I want to feel like I'm in my mind because in my mind I'm invisible, I'm god, Powerful. I hate being weak"

He smiled.

I smiled.

"I want to love so genuinely profoundly and gravely that It feels like I have lost my mind. like I'm in a moving car with no breaks, no stops, no roads. Nothing. just the occasional thump of my heart. Such intensity that it is so overwhelming, that in a single second you can feel the whole world stop."

He said nothing and I exhaled.

Maybe I was saying all this so he would know that I could love just as deep as he could  and that I wasn't just shallow.

"I want to feel with such intensity that I will be likened to an immortal because a mortal would not be capable of such feelings, has never been seen t

o love like that or learnt to let go of their heart like I will do."

Our hands were intertwined and his breathing laboured.

"I want to save someone. I want someone to look at me and say I will serve God in truth simply because he created you, something this beautiful something this surreal. If you believe your God created you and you are no god yourself then I must worship your God because he must be beautiful to have molded you. I want to give atheist a reason to believe in God. I want to sing and chant till my voice cracks and continue singing even after my voice cracks. Probably sing till I can no longer open my lips then, I'll hum the songs"

He squeezed my hands, I exhaled. I didn't realize that I have been holding my breath. Never before have I spoken about what I wanted in this manner. My dreams had always been left unspoken.

"I want to to be a conqueror, be made a queen. I want the power. God! I want everything, every single thing life can give me and I want it all with you by my side. I want to exhaust all the possibilities and the impossibilities of life. I want Everything and more. Does that make me greedy?"

He smirked and I guess that was my cue to stop talking. I didn't want to give him false hopes, I was still much a confused a girl. I still did not trust myself and I couldn't let him trust me.

"No that doesn't make you greedy, it makes you different, a dreamer, a beautiful kind of different. That was exactly what I saw in you when I first saw you. A brave, beautiful woman who could be my queen."

"Your Queen?" I asked, my brows raised. "Queen of what? Do you have a kingdom are you a secret prince? Or are you one those rich men that disguise themselves as poor men just to get the love of their lives."

He laughed and squeezed my hands. "You watch too much movies. We both would build our empire, that will be the one where you will be Queen."

"I like the idea." I smiled, shyly. Our eyes locked and I swallowed.

All the while he had been staring at me his gaze never leaving my face. It should have been unsettling but I felt at peace, I felt comforted.

God! Words are not good enough to express how he makes me feel. Words are nothing and I couldn't say much for actions. I wanted only to tear myself open so he could see my soul, I wanted to bare my heart to him so desperately I was again beginning to question my sanity. I was mesmerized in every sense of the word.

"You are so beautiful and you will make a good writer." he said with a grin so huge, I smiled wiping my eyes to avoid any stray tears. I did not trust myself not to tear up and cry again. I felt like I was being cornered by all my emotions and they willed me to break. He was being so sweet and my heart couldn't take anymore.

"I know right... But I'm not much of writer... I'll settle for being a speaker or something like that"

"That works too." he smiled. His

Thumb rested on my lips causing my mind to automatically shut down. All my thinking capacity stopped.

I felt he wanted to kiss me but was scared of what my reaction might be. Whatever did I do to make him scared. Right now he could do anything to me and I won't mind. I belonged to him wholly, my mind, my soul, my body, my heart, everything that makes

So I kissed him. Longingly until we could no more breath.

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