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   Chapter 55 In which she becomes overwhelmed

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4995

Updated: 2019-07-03 10:39

I sleep alone on my bed since my brothers share one bed. They were just two bed in the children's room, our room.

Both beds were placed close to the window for what my mum likes to call getting the natural breeze and aiding ventilation.

I was enjoying this natural breeze looking at the window and enjoying a colourful night. That's when I saw a shadow move. "Scar that thing!" I whispered harshly, amused.

He just added more colour to my night. I was so excited to see him I immediately forgot my mothers warning.

I went down in my night wear which was a trouser and top, it wasn't revealing anything. I am saying this to correct any lingering impression the word night wear may have had you think.

I was ecstatic to see him. Ecstasy was to shallow a word to even use to describe him.

He was going to tell me his name, I'll finally know his name. I squealed.

I could barely contain my happiness as I sneaked out of the house. I took two steps at a time as I hurried downstairs to see him.

When I got down to the second stair I saw him sitting on the bottom of the stairs so he could get a clear view of the stars.

I walked down slowly, my heart beating rhythmically, my eyes welled  up.

So many emotions were consuming me and I felt like I was going to burst into tiny Bubbles from all the giddiness I was feeling.

I wanted to scream to shout to cry, anything, I wanted to let it all out. Thankfully my neighbors generator muffled any sounds that I would have made

none of this. I didn't deserve to be loved like that, to be loved like I was perfect but he loved me still, even though I didn't deserve it, maybe because I didn't deserve it.

It was in his eyes, in the way he held me, in the way he smiled at me. In everything he did his love for me showed so I made a mental note to pay more attention to my mirror, maybe then I would see what he loved so much about me because I couldn't understand why he loved me so. What he saw in me. Why he so much treasured the body I have had in my possession for sixteen years without loving it as much as he did.

He was sent to me but I didn't know who sent him to me or why he was sent to me. All I was sure of was that he was sent to me.

I smiled and looked away. I needed to think of a way to lighten the mood. It had become so intense I feared that I might end up unconscious, or worse still have a panic attack.

He was treating me so specially. I had to wonder if there was anything special about me.

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