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"What's it?" I asked softly although my heart raced.

I prayed in my heart that she wouldn't ask how I got to talk to ken, how I got the recorder and all other how's when I haven't had time to come up with a believable lie for her.

She could not know of these things. They would break her.

"How did you get the recorder?? I find it hard to believe that you spoke to Jen after what he did to you. Where did you guys meet? When and how did you both meet?" My mum asked, there was a worried look on her face and it was exactly what I was trying to avoid by not telling her the truth of the matter.

So much for hoping that she wont ask.

I exhaled and hoped for the best. I prayed that I could say something meaningful. Coming up with an on spot lie wasn't one of my strengths.

"Mum" I began." Ken used to visit me in the shop sometimes. Sorry I didn't tell you. It all started one morning when I was sweeping the shop because my boss was coming. Someone came in to buy something and as I looked up u noticed it was him so I asked him to leave. He knelt down crying and apologizing to me for what he had done. I asked him to leave or I leave and he did leave. But kept coming everyday. So one time he came I was standing outside recording my voice for the solo I was going to take. You know with that my ancient recorder." I added laughing. well this lie was coming out pretty good.

"He came that day looking very sad so I agreed to talk to him. I asked him what was wrong. That's when he started confessing to me on how he was having an affair with aunt Lisa. He was really so remorseful." I said pretending to fee

nly chipped in.

I was taken aback as I was unprepared for her question.

"Nothing Mum he is just a friend." U hastily answered.

"Hmm. Well I'm not comfortable with your friendship with him. There has been a lot of rumors surrounding him and they are not good ones. No one knows who he is to begin with. Look I love you and I will always want what is best for you, so for now try to keep away from Scar or whoever he is. I don't want people having the wrong impression about you neither do I want him to harm you."

"Mum Scar will never harm me!" I chuckled. The mere thought of Scar harming me was unthinkabke.

"Even so. Cut down on the way you guys see. People are talking."

I stood up. "Alright mum. I will try, but just know that he is not a bad person, people should stop judging a book by its cover."

"Mira! Why are you so handheaded. Just go and sleep and don't wake your brothers up."

I grinned. "Goodnight Mum."

"Goodnight my daughter sleep well. God will send his guardian angel to watch over you."

He has sent one already. I thought with a smile.

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