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   Chapter 53 Anticipate

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5359

Updated: 2019-07-02 17:47

"She said I was jealous of her and that we were a family of sluts. In fact she said other hurtful things that I am happy I can't remember. When I got tired of her shouting"

"You cried" I hissed. That was my mum for you, she cried when she was being screamed at instead of defending herself.

"Hell no! I told her that 'the only slut I see here is you, the only one sleeping around here is you, the only greedy one here is you, the only jealous one is you, the only adulterer here is also you, so stop shouting. Now I think about it  I understand my daughter perfectly although we are two opposite sides of a coin with different personalities. I think her way works and its what is best for the world and people like you who do not appreciate love and friendship. You refused to help me even when you saw my suffering even when I slaved for you to boost your ever growing ego you were always giving me the scrambles because you didn't want Me to grow but I didn't mind because it was your money."

"That fifty Million is now my daughter's money so let her do what she Wants with it and keep your legs closed to avoid such future occurrences. I think this friendship has overstayed its use and you have stepped on me enough. Byeeee--- to meet only in business meetings. Oh I forgot you Don't do anything but parade yourself like a prostitute."

"After letting it all out I stomped out of the restaurant leaving a shocked Lisa behind mouth still agape. She stood still till I left. I guess she never thought I'll talk back to her in this life. No condition is really permanent." My mum was pleased with


"Wow you got this all planned out didn't you. I'm amazed at how I got a daughter like you. We will do just that." she said hugging me "Thanks Mira. I'm so happy to be your mother" well that was easier than I thought I was saved from explaining what had transpired between aunt Lisa and I and I didn't have to tell her that I had been Kidnapped, Thank God.

I still kept the recorder and my mum didn't ask me for the other ten million naira. Maybe with all the excitement she had not realized that I said I would give her only forty million.

Anyway the real reason why I was so happy and giddy inside was because Scar promised to tell me his name today.

I would finally get to know his name.

What could it be? I thought.

"I love you Miranda." My mum said.

"I love you too mum and I'm happier to have you as my mum. You are the best mum In the whole universe." I sniffed.

We both went silent for a while enjoying each others presence until my mum spoke again.

"But Mira dear something is really eating me up about all this" my mum sighed.

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