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   Chapter 52 In which she talks to mum

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7092

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"Nothing much..." I shrugged as I continued to play with my spoon. We were eating on the sofa opposite each other.

My brothers were no where to be found. I guessed that they had finally returned to their room after disturbing my life this evening to play PS with them. I later agreed after much pain was inflicted on all parties.

Mine becoming much more unbearable. I had become weak after listening to the dpo's continuous nonsense and all I needed was rest, but I had two little brothers who were hell bent on frustrating my life.

I thought of how my Mum was forced to buy the PS for them when Daniel entered the toilet with a mat and threatened her that he would henceforth sleep in the toilet since she didn't want to get them the game.

He was crying profusely, I thought he had lost an arm. For one week all I could hear was PS. I was beginning to think I had lost my mind or the world was finally ending and God wanted to judge us using PS.

The former was more likely.

It was really unbearable until my mum came back home one afternoon with it, she gave it to them and said angrily "I hope I can drink water and drop the cup now " to which David hugged her and she smiled.

My brothers celebrated like they had won a lottery. I still don't get boys obsession with games. We all laughed about it anyway.

That is till my dad started his occasional ranting of my mum wasting money and spoiling us and how we must not always get what we wanted bringing about another era of the infamous PS revolution. It was torture to summarize it all.


"First you were thinking hard now you are smiling" my mum pointed out looking at me like I had suddenly grown two horns or something.

"Mum I -i did something horrible.. "I said dropping my plate of food on the middle table. I bit my lips really hard to stop me from freaking out from what I was about to say.

"I already know." My mum said smiling and I'm proud of you although I cant deny that it is really something wrong. My mum said coming to sit by my side on the sofa. We faced each other sitting at both ends.

"Mum you don't know what

. She said I must have told you or given you a hint somehow that made you suspect something was going on between them, making you ask ken."

" Also that i gave you her husbands number, I told her I did not and she replied that as long as you took the number from my phone then I did give it to you. How logical is that. She went on to say she was going to forgive me if the money is returned to her untouched and our fri-- no slavery can go back to the way it used to be"

"Not on my watch like that would happen her hypocrisy is underwhelming. What did you tell her?"

"I told her I couldn't tell you to return the money till I have heard your own part of the story. I Still had trouble believing what she said although she showed me a text proving the supposed transaction. She suddenly started shouting I guess it was becoming Harder for her to keep up the act. She was asking if I'm trying to call her a liar or say she's not coherent enough. I told her its neither of those but you are my daughter and I could not agree to something like this without  hearing first from you and besides she should calm down because the money to her is nothing. That's when she stood up with a sudden outburst shouting profanities here and there "

"The nerve of that woman" I sighed my face twitching in anger she was so lucky I wasn't there I hate people who pretended to be the victim when they sure as hell wasn't.

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