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   Chapter 51 Home

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The dpo dropped us off at the junction of my street all smiles without seizing for once his incessant talk of me being a good citizen of the country. His voice after a while started sounding as irritating as the song mosquitoes sang in your ears in a hot night. I swear I almost ran mad from hearing him talk his gibberish.

If me rolling my eyes till they almost left my socket was not an indication of my inability to listen to him any further then I don't know what is.

When he finally dropped us off I could not be any happier I actually jumped for joy causing scar to giggle. He muttered something like I know how you feel but hell no he didn't know how I felt no one could know.

We walked home suffering intense stares from my street occupants "air quotation" that. I was used to their stares anyway i always promised my self to do well in school so that we don't have to live in a street like this preferably an estate where everyone minds their own damn business unlike here where everyone wants to know about everyone and everything. Joblessness I guess.

I in my goodness have actually assigned positions to some. The three women living opposite my home had their own shops but won't tend to it, all they domid is talk about my family like we were the kardashians of Nigeria.

So I named them the leaders of the gossipers association 'world wide' key word being 'world wide'.

Mama aghogho the shop owner of the provision store in the next compound is the indisputable president of this association note the word indisputable meaning no one could compare to her she is the alpha and Omega. This woman has gossiped even about her own family. And she's so old and she's shrinking already. But I guess her mouth remains ever young.


Then there was Mama Zara she was the vice president, arguably disputable since I could see upcoming board me

thought sighing.

I thought of the money now in my account and came to terms quite quickly with the fact that I've been moved from being a thousanaire even if there was no word like that, to a millionaire.

I decided to give my mum forty million and keep the remaining ten in case she decides to do something stupid like give my dad the whole money or give the money out just anything that looks like that or she freaks out and gets me arrested. She will never do that though I hope.

After aunt's Lisa's outburst the dpo came in to the office and asked what us what went down, to which scar told him that she was only sad that ken had been arrested the other things he said I did not make anything out of, not that he said any much.

Scar was always the ever silent one which could be frustrating as hell not that I was a talkative, maybe a little. He talked to me though that's all that matters.

And he was going to tell me his name today. I was so excited for this Finally I would get to know the identity of the man who had stolen my heart.

He was going to tell me his name! I almost screamed out loud.

"What are you thinking about Mira?" My mum asked, interrupting my trail of thoughts.

I had forgotten that I was eating.

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