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   Chapter 50 In which she goes home with a smile

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4155

Updated: 2019-07-02 17:25

"I always did tell her that you were a bad friend" I said angrily "Well I guess I shall be a homewrecker today. Scar please make the call"

"What call?" she asked, anxiously sitting upright.

"Your husband" I said looking at her to see her reaction. "You just asked me to make do of my threat didn't you? Well your wish is my command."

"You will do no such thing." She shouted. I could see in her eyes that she wanted to go violent on me but Scars presence was what was stopping her from doing so.

Scar rolled his eyes and yawned. He bent down, his lips almost touching my ears. "I'm getting really bored." He whispered.

She charged forward in a bid to collect the phone from scar but scar gently shoved her aside. Her husband picked after his first ring. It was his personal line I called, I had secretly gotten the number from my mum.

"Mr Yome?" Scar Spoke. He was tapping on the chair I was sitting on and it was making me feel a little more nervous but I couldn't ask him to stop not when Lisa's eyes were focused on me.

"Hello. Who is this?" The voice on the other end of the phone asked. Scar had put the phone on speaker

"Mr Yome there is something important I'll like you to hear abo..."

"Yes. I'm listening pleas

"And our business here is done" I said standing up to shake her. As expected she ignored my hand.

"I hope this is the last day we will ever get to see each other." she hissed, then she angrily walked out of the office. Turning her back as she got to the door she looked back and said what I've been expecting her to. Humans are predictable more predictable when they are your average person.

"You have made one more enemy Mira." She said with a threatening tone.

"It is my delight" I chuckled.

With that said she left the office and banged the door behind her.

It wasn't pathetic of me to think I could be saved because I was saved. My fate isn't sealed. Even if my fate was sealed I will make another one. I'll save myself for my family and for the ones that love me. For all of them I'll not surrender to pain.

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