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   Chapter 49 Well

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I could not help but chuckle bitterly at her words. I've been called a slut so many times but this one stung because she cursed my mother too.

But I could not let her make me lose my calm. That was her plan and I would be making a foolery of myself if    I let her succeed.

I exhaled through my mouth and breathed in.

Scar touched me in a bid to calm me down but I was calm to be honest I was perfectly calm I needed to see that she deserved what I was about to do to her and she just showed me that she deserved every single one of it.

My dad was a nonentity that didn't offend me, but she insulted my mum, she deserves to the fullest what I was going to give to her.

Smiling at her I held the recorder in my hand and played it, I had no intentions of prolonging this meeting. My voice echoed in the room at first

"You are nothing and you will do nothing all you do is boast. You are just an empty vessel and as it is said empty vessels make the most noise. You have no good in you I can't believe you slept with aunt Lisa your brothers wife. He took you in he cared for you"

Aunt Lisa looked at me surprised as I paused the recorder

"And here comes the revelation of the century" I said smirking.

'Did that knowledge surprise you. How naive are you aunt Lisa is a whore. She had other guys before me guys who we

ind of money from!" She exclaimed.


"You have more than a billion in your account it won't hurt to part away with a meager amount such as fifty million, you spend that in a week" I said angrily.

"The fuck I won't!" she spat

"Even to save your family??"

"I won't give a nobody like you that money I know with that your mum will go height's. You family will as always remain the beggar, I won't help you rise. You all will always be below me. Do as you please I don't care!"

Now she was conveying her true feelings and to think my mum saw her as her best friend and trusted her.

With every opportunity my mum got she never stopped rambling on and on about how Lisa was a good person with a good heart and how she wanted to help us. I was glad I actually thought to record this conversation.

Like it is so often said, the most dangerous animal is a bad friend.

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