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   Chapter 47 In which she gets her price

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5545

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After the whole incident we were driven to the police station in a Hilux.

It was in the dpos office that I learnt that five of kens men died during the raid. The other two who surrendered survived but they were immediately locked up.

Luckily no police man's life was lost yet, although one officer was shot in the leg and another in the chest_ but the one who was shot in the chest was wearing a bulletproof vest so it didn't cause much damage to him.

They were both taken to the hospital immediately.

The dpo explained that he had planned this all with scar to know what Kens motive would be if ever he had us, where his hideout was located and if he still had as much manpower as he did before.

I found out that his gang had separated_ due to his incessant rambling about me some of his men were forced to leave as he was no longer interested in business.

It didn't go down well with them that their leader seemed to be suddenly only interested in a woman.

The dpo said something like the money given to him was going to go into buying gifts for the police men who were involved in the operation end the dragons gang and also for medicines for the injured ones. I didn't care what he used the money to do though. Even though I didn't believe him, the money was definitely going to end up in his pocket.

Scar and the dpo seemed to suddenly now be on good terms and by good terms I mean they actually laughed at each others jokes more like scar smiled and the dpo laughed since they were mostly his jokes.. All.. His jokes.

I was indeed surprised almost shocked, I thought they would end up killing each other after the raid.

Soon it

he used in kidnapping us was built by.... I asked tilting my head up my index finger on my chin like I was trying to remember something. It was all part of the game.

She sat down now as her legs were shaking so much she could no longer stand.

I thought she didn't want to sit'

"I only gave him the money I didn't know that that was what he was going to use it for. I had no idea of his criminal activities. My lawyer will defend me" she half screamed.

"Why would you give your brother in-law. Your husband's cousin such a huge amount of money was he working for you" I asked seeminly interested in knowing the answer although I already Knew it. I wanted her to get the message. She did.

"You are nothing Mira but the daughter of a poverty stricken slut of a mother who goes around begging people for money. Lazy and stupid woman who got married to a nonentity. Her blood flows in you that's why you are a slut too but a better one I must say. The children must be better than their parents Hahn. I should never have let you all into my life, the poor will always be classless." She yelled.

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