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   Chapter 46 In which he is taken away.

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7155

Updated: 2019-06-24 19:59

"Are you asking me what to do?Take them in!" Ken shouted. He was holding his head in frustration, kicking stones and cursing under his breath.

He resembled a mad man.

I was?threatened to run in as they had instructed, but Scar held me back.

He locked eyes with me and said just two words that made me confident again. "I am here"

"Surrender now. One."

'They have started counting Oh my God'. I gasped. My heart pounded. Tears stained my cheeks and droplets of blood fell down my face.

"You both get in now!" Ken shouted. He came closer to us, his face now a few inches away from Scars, "or I kill her."

"You are surrounded. Please do what is noble." I begged.


"Boss let's kill them and escape." One of his men said, some agreed, some did not.

They were all panicked.

"Let's kill them now no need to waste time! That's what we brought them here for anyway, you promised to burn him and the slut after you were done having fun with them."

"Yes boss let's burn them now!" Another shouted in agreement.

"If we kill them how do you think we will leave this place? what leverage do we have other than them. We are surrounded. The police are counting to five not five million. Do you think we have time for your desires now!"

Ken admonished facing his men, he too was fuming.


Why the hell was that police man counting like a pregnant woman. I thought exhaling.

I was scared and angry at the same time. Why didn't Ken just give up already. He was surrounded so why doesn't he let us go.

"The only reason we are in this mess is because of your love for this prostitute. You broke the gang drove it to the edge now you've destroyed it all because of her!" One of his men growled, he looked familiar. He must have been one of the guys that stopped me that night. The braver one.

"We have taken care if your desires only. Every single time it always had to be what you wanted. Why does it always have to be you that gets what you want? Do you think we have no desires too?" Another said. They were turning against Men now.

"We have no time for this. Get them inside_"


"I did

ise you. How naive are you? aunt Lisa is a whore. She had other guys before me. Guys who were pleasuring her before I came. She stopped having other guys after she tasted the sugar that is me. I guess I'm that good even you can testify to that." he said this in a bid to spite me. But I had gone passed that. He had no power over me again.

"Everyone must be good at something I guess that's the only thing you are good at, Sex. It is such a shame that you are a failure in everything else."? I chuckled. "Blood indeed doesn't tell who is family."

Just then the dpo came with two other police officers to arrest Ken. They looked stressed but there was a triumphant sheen on their faces.

Mission complete!

"Take him away!!" the dpo ordered feeling proud of himself. I could smell the pride of achievement in the air it caused me to grin.

"I'll get out mira even if that's the last thing I do! I'll have you and for you scar! I.... Will.... Killl.... You... While Mira watches." Ken shouted as one of the officers untied him from the gate he was tied to. The officer handcuffed him and led him away.

"Guy abeg shut up! no dey make noise for my ear. Na so so shout you dey shout since." The officer hissed. "Move Mr man."

"I'll me back." Ken shouted, even as he was led away.

I wanted to be happy, to feel relieved but his last words caused me to fear even more.

Either ways, I chose to enjoy the moment.

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