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   Chapter 45 In which when hears the truth

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"Move now!" Scar ordered and Ken did so smiling all the way.

I reluctantly dropped the vase since I didn't think it could be of any use to me now. Bye vase.

I walked behind them, death on my mind.

I decided that if I got shot then at the point of death, I was going to tell scar that I loved him to the ends of the earth and the universe.

Without me being in the point of death I don't think I would be telling him that I loved him. Why should I tell him? why should I get what I don't deserve? what I can't cherish even though I don't deserve. Why should I get anything at all.

We moved slowly to the door. "Open it!" Scar ordered, poking Ken at the back with the gun.

Ken opened the door gently as if he was trying to give his men a warning signal.

Just as I feared, immediately we got outside we were met with seven men pointing a gun at us specifically at me.

I moved from behind and took my place at Scars side. I belonged at his his side not behind him. I wanted to walk with him and not use him as bulletproof.

"Mira get behind me!" Scar shouted. He was nervous.

The fact that he always thought about me before himself was becoming increasingly sexy. There is nothing as sexy as a man who knows how to treat his woman.

"I won't do that. I want to stay by your side." I protested, even though my heart almost sunk in fear.

I can't say that I would have killed for him but I do know that I could die for him a thousand times over. By his side was where I belonged.

Me staying by his side obviously distracted him but I was protecting him just like he had been protecting me.

I wanted to protect him too, even for once.

The truth is I would choose him over Me.

"Mira do not do anything stupid do you want to die? Please this is not the time to be stubborn" I was inches away from him I knew he could hold me if he stretched his hands but that would also mean he had to drop the gun or leave ken. None of the above was an option.

"A girl must die it doesn't matter when or how as long as a girl dies." I looked away from him, back to the more than a half dozen of men that stood before us.

Then I rose my hand?up in surrender.

"Let scar go and you have me." I shouted so both Ken and his puppies hear.

I was so tensed I was practically shaking. I wanted to cry but what kind of girl would that make me your guess is as good as mine.


"Boss?"one of the men said giving ken a questioning look. Scar looked at me with a resigned expression on his face. His face said it all.

I've never seen a more stubborn girl than this. His face read.

He brought down the hand that was pointing the gun on Kens head slowly, he also let go of Ken. Then he rushed to me and pulled me into his arms.

"If you think I'll let you go then you you don't know me at all. Even if it kills me to love you burns me to love you, I'll love you, I'll not let you go. I will not let you give yourself for me "

"Scar this is the only way." I tried to sound confident even though it was the opposite of what I actually felt.

"What a lovely display of madness!" Ken mocked, cracking his neck. He was amused. "We are back to where we first started but the only difference will be that I finish what I so subtly started a long time ago. Get them!" He ordered.

"Drop all weapons. Hands on your head. This is the police you've been surrounded."

The voice came from the bush.

The place was illuminated with car lights as sirens deafened me. How the police came to know of our location with the dpo betraying us was past me. I looked at scar and he smirked.

"I told you that I was going to surprise you Ken. I am not your average man. Although you are really below average." Scar chuckled.

Ken's men started to panic as expected. They pointed the gun at me and then at scar simultaneously_ they were obviously confused as to who to pin fear on.

"Get in the house we are taking you as our prisoners. Boss what should we do with them?" One of them asked Ken who stood there unaware of his surrounding. He was shocked and furious.

"You have until the count of 5 to surrender. I repeat this is the police. Come out here completely unarmed with the people you have taken as your prisoners or we come in. You've been warned."

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