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   Chapter 44 In which she lets it all out.

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5827

Updated: 2019-06-24 09:22

I didn't move. I stayed perfectly still.

Maybe it was out of fear or hate for myself.

I looked around for my gown and wore it hurriedly, with sweaty hands I adjusted it a little.

I picked the vase up from the bed again_ it felt like an extension of my hand.

"Mira please come down we need to leave now." Scar ordered, his voice increasing a notch.

Ken staggered to his feet, his face shown red. He cursed underneath his breath furiously.

This time I knew not to move because there was the possibility of him grabbing me as I had to go through him if I wanted to meet scar.

Scar knew what I was scared of so he pushed Ken to the side still pointing the gun at him.

Now their position changed_Ken stood where the pole was, still limping and scar stood in front.

I got down from the bed Still holding the vase_my murder weapon. I stood next to scar watching him from the corner of my eyes.

Scar didn't take his eyes of Ken but he held my hands immediately acknowledging my presence.

His hold on me was very tight it hurt but I felt happy that he still wanted to touch me.

I was happy that he still cared and him holding me like that made me feel like I gave him the strength to move on.

If I could give him the strength to move on it only meant that deep inside me there was strength in me.

A smile appeared on my shaky lips.

"Don't try anything stupid ken I have no intention of punishing or torturing you. Unlike you torture is not one of my things to do_but I do not make empty treats, I only give my word and my word is my bond. If you try anything stupid it will be the Last time you try something. Are we clear?" Scar asked, with a every seriousness. His face was devoid of emotions as blank as pap

u think I'll ever so much as love you I would rather die and that includes dying a thousand times over again. I would chose that over being with you. A cultist, a rapist an adulterer, a crazy thing with no life ambition. Forget the outer exterior the only monster I see here is you."

I shouted.

I didn't know where the words or the strength came from but I knew that I had to let it all out one way or another.

I was tensed but I was happy I got that off my chest.

I needed him to know what I felt for him since It might be the only opportunity I got to tell him the truth.

He was taken aback, shocked and hurt by my sudden outburst. But I didn't care a bit, not even the slightest.

"Too bad Mira you choose death over me just the way you chose a monster over me." He spat angrily

"I'm not one to make good decisions. But believe me this has been the best decision I've made so far and it will remain so no matter the outcome" I said. I met his rage filled eyes with my equally furious one.

"It was either death or me. You have chosen death, death it is then."

"If anyone will die today, it will be you Ken not Mira" Scar interjected.

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