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   Chapter 43 His

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Ken frowned at my request.

"If you insist. I will do anything for you, you know that right?"

I nodded sheepishly_ anything to save Scar.

"Me setting Scar free will depend on how happy I am and how happy I am depends on how well you please me."

I nodded in understanding, and muttered something like OK. I had no more fight in me_ anything I said now might infuriate him and he won't let scar go. I had to thread softly.

"Good girl." Ken smiled, then he kissed me.

"Where did I stop" he said pausing to look at me. "Yes now i remember. Your Belle button, "

He held my waist with one hand and kept touching me with the other. He caressed my lower stomach and I threw my head back in response.

"You want me don't you?_" his voice was rough, hoarse. it was taking every muscle in his body to resist me. To resist doing what he really wanted to.

But His desire to torment scar was more than his desire for me. I didn't reply my heart was beating so fast I was surprised it was still beating. He kissed me again and he was about putting his right hand in my pant. When scar screamed.


His voice echoed in the room like raging thunder. Ken stopped immediately mostly out of shock than of fear. I was brought back from my reverie as tears flowed down my eyes.

Ken turned around, he was seething at the sudden interruption from Scar. Hr angrily walked to scar, almost staggering on his way.

"That was seriously uncalled for!" he growled, punching Scars stomach. " you have no right to distract me, you are just an audience."

"Leave her alone!" Scar spat "She doesn't want you. How can you be so deaf and stupid at the same time." He didn't react to the blow at all. His eyes were burning with anger.

"And you think she wants you" ken asked laughing. "You look more like a nightmare. Stop fantasizing. Have you seen yourself in the mirror, you wouldn't even date you." He choked out.

"Then let her choose." Scar smirked. I looked at them as they continued their stare down competition. Which I was sure that ken would loose. Scars eyes had something in it, that burnt you when you gazed long enough.

I looked around for by bra and quickly wore it leaving my gown on the bed.

I was tempted to wear my gown also but it was safer for me, for us.

If ken turned around I could still pretend like I wasn't affected by Scars voice. He could still think that I was not revolted by his touch.

I now had the time to look around the living room it was normal like most. sofas, TV, a glass table a flower vase. The bed was where a dining was suppose to be as the parlour was divided into two like most parlours in Nigeria.

There was a drawer close to the bed that I didn't notice and a flower vase was placed on it. Plastic flowers.

The vase was wooden and I figured it would be enough to make someone pass out if they were hit hard with it. I held it behind my back without making any noise.

I can fight for myself. I didn't need to be dependent on Scar. What if he

s here." Ken admonished. His left hands rounded Scars neck_ while his right hand pointed the gun at Scar. "Its not by might anymore but by power. I have the power here so I call the shots_"

"Yeah yeah_Sorry to burst your bubbles but you have none, neither might nor power." Scar cut in. He rolled his eyes and snickered.

"Who has got who now?

"No; Who has got you now."

It happened so quickly I almost missed.

Scar kicked Ken hard on his stomach causing him to stumble back. Ken fell to the ground and the gun slipped out of his hands.

Scar somehow got out from the chain he was locked up in. He walked up to Ken and kicked him hard again, this time on his right leg.

Ken scribbled to get the gun but Scar Kicked him hard again. Ken growled out in pain.

His heavy breathing could be heard from across the room. From where I stood I heard his whimper as clear as they.

Scar took the gun for himself and pointed it at ken who was spluttered on the floor as shocked as I was. His eyes were wide open as he held on to his legs for support.

Men growled and I shook.

Each reaction from him caused me to shudder. I was more afraid of the repercussions of what Scar did than happy. I didn't think we could escape not alone at least.

It was unlike me to think this, usually impulsive me would have been running out the door but I felt that a part of my impulsiveness had been buried by some event I could not remember.

Now I thought before I acted. Maybe I didn't think much of my actions but I thought nevertheless of them.

Scar looked up at me and his eyes met mine. I held on to his gaze.

"Mira come with me." He pleaded.

I winced, tears falling from my eyes.

Did he think I wouldn't come with him if he didn't beg. I wondered if he feared that I wasn't his anymore_that I was now Kens.

I won't blame him if he thought so_ after what he saw me do now with Ken it was only right that he had his doubts.

But I was his and nothing would change that. Not even fear.

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