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   Chapter 42 Kisses, touches and tears.

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 8561

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"Touch me, Mira." ken begged lustfully.

He was kissing me all over, and I touched him. Not because he asked but to but because my hands moved to touch him.

In that moment I wondered what scar felt. I wondered what I felt. He went back to touching my Breast and I closed my eyes hoping that he would stop.

"Then after touching and sucking your yet developed breast I should add, I kissed your neck then your stomach. Let me show you". He said going all the way down to my belly button and kissing it.

His tongue gilded over it, his hot breath fanned my skin. He stopped suddenly and I felt relieved. My eyes were ope but I could see from the cloud of tears blocking my vision, I only heard him.

He stood up and walked over to scar all smiles, it was then I noticed that Scars eyes were closed. Tears stained his cheek and he was breathing harshly.

I wondered if it was because he was tired and afraid or because he couldn't do anything to help me. Or it just dawned on him that he had been kidnapped.

Maybe they were right after all, maybe I was really destined to be a slut. It hurt me that I disappointed myself but it hurt me more that I disappointed him and it hurt me much more that maybe my father was right all along.

I didn't care about me the only thing that worried me now was scar. I sounded like a hypocrite I know, I am a hypocrite I guess. Still listen to me. In the face of temptation only the strongest overcome and strength of the body wasn't one of my virtues.

For one I couldn't even fight for myself.

"You should open your eyes, monster!" Ken chuckled. "Oh he was crying how pitiful."

"Ken" I whispered. I was not sure he heard me. I didn't hear me.

"Can you see that Mira? he thinks life is a fairy tale and his tale with you will be called the beauty and the beast. Sorry to burst your bubbles but life is no fairy tale or movie. This is reality, and reality is real." Ken mocked.

Just then Scar looked at me and we held our gaze.

Looking at his eyes, as he stared at me. Felt like I was staring at the scorching sun when its heat was the highest, when it shown the brightest. When it was just setting. His eyes burnt not just my heart but my soul. A flame too hot to withstand that my body no longer felt numb. I finally felt and what I felt scared me.

"You want Me, you have me. Just leave him be." I snapped, getting out of the delirium I had been in.

"Yes I will leave him be." Ken wasn't facing me but I guessed he was smiling and I knew he was Lying, he had to be. He won't let Scar leave even

couldn't stand the pain anymore.

"Kiss me or scar suffers, " He threatened. He kissed the corner of my mouth, while his hands ran through my skin.

I tried to cover my breast with my hand but he pushed my hands away. "Let me see you, you're mine to see., I kissed him on his lip, my lips shook when it got closer to his.

He pulled me nearer to him, then he slid his tongue in my mouth. I struggled to be free of him this time_ but he was right me struggling only turned him on more. He held my right Breast and squeezed it playing with my nipple. His kiss was so demanding I bit his lip and he took that as an invitation to kiss me harder.

I was able to move away from him a little as he was distracted.

"Ken stop please." I cried out.

"You enjoyed it Mira I know you did. Tell me that you did. Tell me you enjoy my touch. You do right?" He held my waist with both hands and pulled me to him. His right hand on my ass.

He pulled me so close, there was not a single space between us.

"Let scar go please." I said. I did not dare to look at scar while I spoke because I feared that what I might see would weaken any resolve I had left.

"Don't mention his name again, he doesn't exist.."Ken sighed, then he smiled. "We are the only one that exist here now. Me and you." He hit my ass and groaned.

I could see he tried not to shout at me. I didn't care if he did all this because of his supposed love for Me. Love is not selfish. He was only obsessed and Right now I wished him death.

"What are you going to do to.. S..Him" I tried avoiding scars name. ken wasn't stupid he knew who the he was. He knew I referred to scar.

I was testing his patience but I had no other choice.

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