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   Chapter 40 Cry little one

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3198

Updated: 2019-06-22 08:50

Ken closed the door behind me.

Inside, the parlor was Large with a bed and a pole in a far corner where scar was chained to. He carried me over to the bed which was opposite the pole and placed me on the bed gently.

"I want to show you how to please a woman." he said walking over to scar. His face contorted in a half smile. I noticed he had gotten lighter and was not as dark as he used to be before. He was tall but not as tall as scar maybe 5" 11 towering over scars 6 feet and_

I stopped thinking. This wasn't happening I thought as my heart beat increases. I closed my eyes and opened it but Ken was still there and I was on a bed that wasn't mine.

"You have been awfully quiet this morning or afternoon." Ken laughed hysterically. "Oh common don't look at me like that_ sorry if I lose track of time, that's what happens when I'm around my Queen."

He stopped laughing when he noticed that scar didn't say anything.

"You're Still not g

r me what he was doing to me. He had done this before I presumed, so I didn't shiver at the thought as much as I shivered at the thought of him killing or harming Scar.

What worried me was that scar was here and he was saying nothing. Ken knew what he was doing. He was a psychopath, and he won't let me be. But I expected Scar to shout or scream or beg, anything.

Does it mean that he never cared about me? That he doesn't love me and he couldn't care less if another man used me for his pleasure while he watched even.

Tears fell down my eyes but it wasn't because Ken was kissing me but because Scar didn't care that he was.

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