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   Chapter 38 Ambush

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3998

Updated: 2019-06-21 11:00

More than five minutes passed and the dpo did not return. I started to get anxious and suspicious. It was possible that he had met his doom on the road but it was even more probable that he had left us to face ours.

I looked out the window and swallowed. I was suddenly feeling very tensed. My palms were sweaty as I was.

"Scar I know you said I shouldn't worry but something is wrong I can feel it and this is not just me being paranoid." I said in a rush my eyes darting at every corner of the road.

"I trust your guts so if you feel something is wrong then it probably is. Let's get out of here! I've gotten what I wanted anyway. I can confront Ken myself. I do not need tallies." Scar replied. He brushed his hands on my hair putting it in place.

"I think we should drive and leave the dpo behind, we can't walk."

"Is that not a bit selfish of you" he said contemplating it. "But I must admit its a good idea."

"It's not selfish of me. I am just trying to survive, the dpo can hop into the truck when the officers get here. After all he is the reason they lost track of us."

"The car keys are with him you know that right." Scar reminded me, his eyebrows raised.

"Shit th

reduced a bit.

Ken held the back of my head, then he flipped me around to face scar. "Is that your angel?" He asked mockingly. "He works hard but I work harder."

"Let her go!" Scar growled, but his resistance was useless.

Their were five men holding Scar down, two of which I recognized from the night Ken wanted to burn down my house and sent his men to distract me

The Others I had no idea who they were neither did I wish to.

While two of the men held on to Scars hands. The other three pointed a gun at him.

Ken came fully prepared.

"Handcuff the bastard!" Ken ordered, a mixture of fear and anger in his voice.

His men immediately did as they were told. They held out Scars hands in front of him and chained him.

I swallowed. My future started looking very blink.

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