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   Chapter 37 In which they are set.

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5089

Updated: 2019-06-20 20:29

"You do not trust him do you?" I asked scar after we left the office to wait for the dpo outside. "I cannot bring myself to trust him not after all I know about the police and gangs. Gangs own the town."

It was sunny outside but I felt cold from within. I was so tired of this feeling. I wanted it all to end.

The feeling of impending doom kept clawing on my chest. I wanted to rip my heart out just so it could stop its incessant beating.

"I don't need to trust him." he replied holding me. "He just needs to do his job. Don't worry I will protect you. I won't leave your side. That's why I am going with him."

"I know but still I-i feel something will go wrong and I need you to protect yourself when it does go wrong. " I faced him. "Promise me that you will protect yourself if need be. Promise Me that if you had to choose between the both of us you will choose you. I don't want you to die for me you know."

"Neither do I want to, trust me. But I can't promise you this. I will give my life for you a thousand and one times so that's like promising that_"

"Then don't go with me. This is not your fight! I don't want to lose you to him." I looked away and bit my lip to restrain myself from crying.

"Don't tell me you want to start this now. You as well as I know that this became my fight the moment I stopped Ken from taking you. I am now his target too."

"Just stay away please."

"Stop being childish Mira! you know I cannot stay away even if I want to. It is sweet for you to try to protect

e sensed how uneasy I was feeling.

He rubbed my back soothingly and I relaxed in his touch.

I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes_ enjoying the feel of his smell, his presence_his very essence.

I was completely oblivious of everything after that conversation. Scar seemed to be very alert and I could do with just that now. I hated that I was now dependent on him but I couldn't stop myself from feeling that way.

The dpo soon brought the car to an abrupt stop when we got close to a bush.

"Let me get down here. Wait for me I need to do something."

"What is that? Can't whatever it is wait until we are done?" Scar asked, narrowing his eyes.

The door ignored him and took out the key from the ignition.

"I guess he wants to pie. Let him." I whispered to Scar, trying to calm him down.

"You guessed right as always. You see why I like you, you are a very smart girl!"

He grinned and winked at me. I immediately felt like puking.

Something was wrong. I could sense it.

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