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   Chapter 36 In which he is threatened.

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3717

Updated: 2019-06-20 08:00

"Why would I threaten you after all you are not the criminal here." The DPO said. There was a hint of mockery in his voice when he spoke to Scar. I didn't quite like it neither did I find it comfortable.

"Mhm." Scar hummed.

"I don't like seeing his face seriously!"

I pouted, when an officer ushered us into the DPO'S officer. Scar had called to tell him we were coming with news and he had told him that we had one in return.

"Who?" Scar asked

"The dpo of course!"

"I don't Like seeing his face either but we need to for now. At least until ken is behind bars where his likes are."

"Some innocent people are there too."

"Yeah they are."_ he sighed. "Guilt can be subjective I must say. But don't worry very soon we won't have to see his face again."

"Good morning." The DPO greeted, all smiles_he he stood up to shake me and his hold lingered on mine far too long to be uncomfortable.

"Good morning sir." I replied. Uncomfortable I pulled my hand away from his.

Scar mumbled a greeting that I was sure the dpo didn't hear. He in turn didn't even spare Scar a glance.

"What is the news you have for us." I asked immediately. Better to get it over and done with. God! I couldn't wait for this to all be over so that I could get on with my normal life.

"The guy that was brought to me was not a cult member, that I give Ken a hand for. He is smarter than I thought. The man has no idea about Kens business."

My eyes widened like saucers.

"So who is he, If he is not a member of the gang?"

"According to him he and his friends were Paid to burn down the house but they were told it was because a rivals parent lived there. The both gangs have been fighting for a merger with White lion. That is the dragon cult and ghost brothers.

"And you believe him?" I was perplexed.

"I checked him out and he is not Lyi


"Does he at Least know where ken is since he just saw him?" I asked hopefully.

"It was difficult for us to get him to talk but he later started talking after I threatened to put him behind bars. Not just that but i told him he could be sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder." The dpo said quit pleased with himself as if he was the one that brought down Osama.

"So where is he?" I asked as a matter of urgency.

"He said all he knew was that ken was in ogwa, something like in a hideout."

"That must be aunt Lisa's house. Her house is located around that area. I guess you were right Scar, he is Still there" I said, smiling to scar.

Scar smiled back but kept his eyes on the dpo like he had been doing since we entered his office. It was like he was waiting for him to tell a lie.

"We need to go there now. I heard he plans on leaving today but I do not have enough officers. I only have two to spare, they will go with scar, you know we have two watching your family already. That's about the best I can do."

"Ken is not just dangerous to me but the community at large, he would have killed a dozen people yesterday with that stupid stunt he played" I said, almost losing control. The dpo 's insensitivity made me mad.

Ken is a criminal and he was acting like he was just a common thief. Just because I was the victim and not a richer person who could water their hands.

"That's what I can give_ two officers only."

"But. "

"Its OK Mira, I'm here." Scar said, interrupting my protest. They both felt like they were keeping something away from me but then again it might just be my paranoia talking.

"See! your guardian Angel is watching over you, why do you fear. Let's only hope nothing happens to him." The dpo smirked.

Scar took up his words."Is that a threat" he asked with clenched teeth.

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