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   Chapter 34 In which she wants to scream

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4747

Updated: 2019-06-19 16:25

I suspected that there would be rumors about the sudden relationship between me and Scar. Heck I knew that there would be rumors. But I did not expect the rumors to travel so fast.

I was at least happy that the rumors had not travelled to my moms ears yet. I would kill any straying bird that would think it wise to whisper such rumors to her.

Now I was past caring, even if I wanted to care I was too preoccupied right now to. You know preoccupied with trying to stay alive and avoiding Ken and his goons.

"With all due respect ma. I don't know what you've been hearing but as you have said yourself they are only rumors. I don't know what you've been hearing so I don't know if there is any truth to it. But I can explain what really happened only if you will listen_" I started speaking_ calmly, but she cut me off again.

She was sure making it a habit and I hated it.

"Honestly I Don't need your explanation so save it. I don't want what happened yesterday to repeat itself again if not you will end up in police custody. I don't care how it happened but if you cannot handle your messy life then you should take it out of my compound!"

"But Ma_" I tried to protest, but she shut me up again.

How was I still calm. I wondered. My heart was beating fast against my chest and I wanted to scream.

"I don't want to hear it! The reason why I asked you to come here is because I wanted to tell you my m


"Wow." I said stultified. "I guess I should take my leave then."

I stood up and head for the door with shaky legs.

When I got to the door I decided that I couldn't leave without at least giving her a taste of her own medicine.

I turned back to face the woman I had trusted all these years_not just me but my mother. "You are a disappointment and I should have known better not to expect anything good from a bad mother but you know what? I would always be better than all of your children so I suggest that you keep your eyes on them instead of on me. You make me sick!" I spat out.

Now that my rent was paid I could at least speak freely.

The question now was who paid the rent? Was it really Ken? Or was it someone else? someone that was lurking in the corner.

The real master of the game. I knew that there were clues but they didn't fit in to any theory.

So I had to form a theory and that was the hardest part.

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