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   Chapter 33 In which the fun filled tomorrow begins

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7530

Updated: 2019-06-19 15:28

I woke up really late the next day_ which was a Saturday.

I was still so tired from yesterday that I wished to go back to sleep without waking up_ maybe until the next day.

But seeing that I still needed to go to work and it was already nine am, I all but flew out of my bed.

I feared that my boss had already come to the shop and met it locked.

He was surely going to sack me and I was soon going to join the already unbelievable high number of unemployed youths In Nigeria

I didn't want to loose my job yet, it helped my family a great deal and kept me busy. Busy me did not feel the need to die or to hurt herself.

I ran to the parlour in a state of frenzy. "Mummy, why didn't you wake me up!" I Shouted.

She was making tea when I met her and her eyes were focused on the milk as if she wanted to measure it with her eyes. I assumed that my brothers may have tampered with it again and she was mad about it. But I didn't ask her for fear that she would start again one of her endless complains_and I still needed to see the landlady.

I took the only sachet water left on the table and tore it open with my teeth. I

Then I gulped down its entire content.

It was always best to start your day with a glass of water or in my case a sachet of water.

"Your boss called__"

"Omg! What did he say?" I panicked. My hands flew instinctively to my chest.

"That he was giving you the day off. He heard of what happened yesterday night." She said, finally bringing the cup of tea to her lips.

I could see even from where I stood that it was very hot. The smoke coming from it could kill a new born.

I could not tell why she fancied boiling tea as I so deemed it fit to call the tea she makes.

Didn't it burn her?

But on a second thought she brings a hot pot down with her hand, something I won't dare to do.

I heard it was common with African mothers_I mean the hot pot stuff.

"That's nice, I didn't think he cared about my well being." I said, my mind finally coming down. The panic I was feeling ended momentarily

"I don't know for him honestly, well he is your boss and should care. That aside Chisom came to check on you this morning, to remind you of your meeting with the landlady."

"Oh I remember. I

d green dining chairs with a big plasma hung on the wall.

She lived upstairs like we did but her own flat was more like a duplex since no tenant lived below.

"Good morning ma." Scar greeted too.

I looked at him from the corner of my eyes and catching me wandering gaze which fell to him, he smiled.

Nothing was more beautiful, nothing. Not Even the sun in the evening when I considered it most beautiful.

He winked at me and I looked away cursing myself for starring.

Bastard! He angered me so much.

"What do you want, a drink maybe." My land lady asked taking a sit, she crossed her legs and faced me squarely. "Mira?"

"Thanks but I ate before I came." I replied.

"Scar?" She asked smiling at him

"Water." Scar replied with a smile of his own.

We were sitting on the same sofa but I refused to acknowledge his presence. How dare him smile at her.

"Water it is! Chisom get him water " I felt like it was her way of telling Chisom that her presence was no longer needed.

"I'm sorry for what happened yesterday_I don't know how to explain it, without it being confusing. I'm not a good story teller and_" I blurted our willing this meeting to end as soon as possible.

She cut in.

"I asked you to come because I have been hearing rumors, huge rumors about you. First it was the police that has been on the gate for weeks now. Then your sudden relationship to him." she was referring to scar.

My heart skipped. What was she getting at. I thought desperately.

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