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   Chapter 32 In which she promises you a fun filled tomorrow

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3154

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We walked to the gate in silence. The tension around us was so much it could weigh an elephant down.

I wanted so much to say something or better still to run away from his taunting presence but I stayed and I said nothing.

I bit my finger nails feeling a sudden urge to hurt myself. My mind was running around in circles.

When we got to the gate we found that as expected, the gang man was still spurred on the ground.

His legs were brought up to his tommy and he was shivering, whether from cold or pain that I didn't know.

"Get up!" Scar growled in anger. I flinched.

My neighbors had put on their generator and again all the sound we made was drowned by its noise.

Relief washed through me. The last thing I wanted was to draw attention to my relationship with Scar, that would render me instantly guilty in the eyes of my landlady.

"Please have mercy." The guy pleaded, his hands were shaking. "Please." He shuddered. He started breathing so fast I was scared he would have a heart attack or better still faint.

"Get up now!" Scar ordered harshly. I shivered and moved back and away from him.

The gang man limped up to his feet, his legs shaking.

Scar smirked evilly.

I am no monster but I loved watching the gang man shake and fear. It made me feel powerful.

Maybe I was a monster who loved to watch men get hurt because that was what the men who I have had in my life did to me. Hurt me.

Maybe seeing their pain filled me with pleasure and helped me anticipate the day I would be able to hear those who hurt me scream with pain a

nd fear. Maybe I was unhinged but I didn't know it yet.

"Who sent you?" Scar asked the gang man with a cold whisper.

Scar bent down to meet his eyes_ while the guy laid lazily on the wall supporting his limping frame. He tried to avoid Scar's gaze but Scar would not have it. He held the gang mans chin forcing the man to look at him.

"Ken is his name__captain dragon cult." He stuttered. "Please don't take me to him he will kill me." He pleaded crying. Please have mercy."

"Where is he?" Scar asked ignoring ignoring his plea.

"I don't know." The man cried out.

"I know you are scared of him but you should be more afraid of me. Where is he? Think carefully before you answer because I won't ask you again. Where is he!"

"I don't know." He groaned. Scared he tried to get as far away as possible from Scar's domineering presence.

Although he didn't achieve much seeing that he was weak and backed up against the wall.

"Just let him go already. He doesn't know why will he lie when his life is in danger?" I tried to reason with Scar but he ignored me.

He acted like I was not even present. Like I did not exist.

Unable to take anymore his cold attitude towards me I ran up the stairs and away from him.

He was going to be the death of me, I knew it, I felt it.

It was crazy to know that I found a hideous man very attractive and he was Ignoring me.

The heart wants what it wants yea but it doesn't mean that we can not tame it's desires.

From tomorrow Scar will be dead to me. I can't in good conscience continue to stand him.

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