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   Chapter 31 In which she does all those things

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7349

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I stood still and my heart beat stopped.

This so happened to be my first kiss not counting whatever Ken must have done to me that night_actions that I was not aware of.

At first it was just a lip kiss until he sucked on my lower lip and slid his tongue into my mouth.

That was all it took to unleash my own passion.

I kissed him back, deeply and passionately.

I didn't know what I was doing_if I was kissing him right, but I must have pleased him because he moaned my name into my mouth.

He soon pulled back from the kiss. He raised my chin up so I could look into his eyes. We both stayed still for some time while we tried to catch our breath.

"I am not nothing to you Mira. Nothing is nothing and I am not nothing. I'm the one who is here, who will always be here with you and for you. Don't forget that."

I nodded. A stray tear fell down my eye and he wiped it with his thumb.

He was right.

He was the one who was always there for me.

Right now in my life he was the one keeping me sane. He has become my mind, my will, my strength, my sanity.

I found that my walls were breaking not for a beautiful face but by a beautiful soul.

He smiled and kissed my chin and I hugged him like I didn't want to let go because I didn't. I had to stretch so that my lips at least got to his neck.

I smiled loving the feel of him close to me. It was a beautiful moment but he just had to ruin it as always.

"I can't say you are a good kisser but you were not as bad as I expected you to be with all your childishness." He chuckled, a low sexy chuckle.

"Bastard." I hissed. I tried to pull away from him but he held me so tight that all my struggles ended up futile.

In my heart of hearts I knew that I loved how he held me down. I wanted him to hold me down like this forever. I was his.

"You have to stop calling me a child! I am not one!"

"You act like one though." He chuckled, letting go of me.

I was so vexed with him so I had to leave his arms something I didn't really want to do in that particular moment.

But It was quite unrealistic for me to claim to be vexed and yet bury myself in his arms.

I felt hot all over from the effects of the fire and the effects of being wrapped in his arms.

I frowned at tried to move past him. He held my elbows stopping me from moving, "I am sorry for kissing you."

"You don't have to be sorry I kissed you back." I replied, removing a strand of hair from my eyes.

I hated leaving my natural hair lose, it stressed me the hell out even though it was not too long and just a little bit above shoulder level.

The wind blown causing more strands to enter my eyes. I had to shut it. I made a mental note to weave my hair the next day.

"Because you were grateful for what I did right. Did you really want to kiss me back considering how I look and_". He trailed off.

He was so accustomed to me pushing him away that even when I wasn't_ and it was clear_he still felt me rejecting him.

I always asked myself why someone would want to sacrifice pleasure for pain and now I have the Answer, fear that the pleasure is only temporary and the pain permanent. Because life could be a bitch.

"You annoy me too much! Contrary to your opinion of me I am not so shallow., He held my shoulders pulling me to face him. "Let's imagine this never happened. I don't want you to start acting weird around me tomorrow."

I was hurt that he could say such but I would let it slide because I knew that it was his insecurity speaking.

"Well I am sorry? but I can't pretend that this never happened because it did. I only imagine things that don't exist and this kiss isn't

one of them. Do you need me to tell you how imaginations work."

He scoffed and looked up avoiding my eyes.

"Why do you care all of a sudden? you kept hating me, hate me I want you to hate me. Isn't that your only shield against what you really feel for me? Hating me?" he held my shoulders tighter and looked straight into my eyes.

His hold didn't unsettle me. it was his eyes, those eyes that were on me, they drove me to a state of frenzy.

"I Don't hate you I never did, how I behave to you is the same way I behave to the rest of the world. It is the wall I put up. Many a time I've felt nothing, not love, not pain, not sadness, not fear, just nothing."

"I need to say it to you. Even though I don't want to. Do you think its easy being who you are not? simply because you want to survive. I was drowning in secondary school but no one saw me because they were all too focused on my laughter, on my strength, all too focused on who I showed them who I allowed them to see. My friends fed me with their problems and ignored mine, thinking me to have none."

"They forgot that we all have our weaknesses, and sometimes it breaks us as it did me. They were all deceived by the wall I put up, no one bothered to make a hole to see through it let alone climb it. As for you I agree that I judged you from the start, I thought you a monster but you have proven not to be who your cover shows and I am sorry." I said breathlessly. "I never did hate you.

He punched the air triumphantly. "So you agree that I have finally broken your wall."

I scoffed. He was hopeless.

"No you didn't break my wall, you just climbed to see what was on the inside. And I am going to push you down because you annoy me sooooo bad." I sighed frustrated.

He laughed. He really really laughed at my frustration but funny enough instead of getting angry with the fact that he was laughing at me_I smiled_a secret kind of smile. His laughter was music to me, music!

"I am not a monster Mira." he said, his laughter finally dying down.

I could see his glistening eyes in the night and then I became aware of the pain in them and the tears that threatened to fall.

I could see and feel his fear_for what?_that I did not know.

As I watched him now I felt like I was looking at the reflection of Myself. Cold, broken, scared, Scarred.

The only real difference between us was that his scar was on the outside and mine was on the inside.

"But maybe I am a little bit monstrous though." He sighed letting go of me.

He walked passed me and I instantly felt cold. Frozen.

I knew he walked away because he was trying to hide his vulnerability from me, the one that the fire burnt with it.

"Your face. You think your face makes you monstrous? It doesn't. There is not a bit of monstrosity in you and I am sorry that I once thought so."

He stopped in his tracks but he didn't turn back. "You know nothing."

"No You know nothing Scar, who is to say that I am not a monster. I think we all have monsters In us and it definitely doesn't show at first glance."

He said walking away.

"Wait." I called back. "Let's check on that guy. The kiss never happened." I said, which caused him to turn back. He looked surprised at my last statement and I smiled in the way that showed him that I didn't ever want to talk to him ever again.

He returned his own fake smile and continued walking.

I scurried behind him like a lost puppy. I walked the way I felt, lost.

Something was so strange about Scar and I could not make out what it was no matter how I tried. His secret was his to tell_I wondered if he would ever share the reason for his scar.

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