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   Chapter 30 In which she has her first kiss

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What just happened here my landlady asked me immediately she saw us coming from the back yard.

She must have been told that I knew something about how the fire started. I trust my neighbors to put one and two together and start a rumor.

Maybe they assumed that as I was so concerned with putting out the fire and alerting everyone_ then that meant that I was the one responsible for the outbreak in the first place.

My landlord worked in Lagos and came back to Warri only during holidays so the landlady was more or less in charge of the compound.

She was Nice in her own way_ She could be nice I mean but it wasn't something that was frequent.

"Their was a fire at the back." I said like it was not the most obvious thing.

Scar stood there with the gang man saying something to him.

Just then I saw the officers outside. How convenient was it for them to suddenly return after the trouble was over.

I secretly gave them a signal not to come in_a signal they happily obeyed.

I couldn't have them come in_ it would cause my landlady to be even more suspicious of me.

She would definitely want to know why the police were here and who called them.

"I know that already but can you explain how that came to be?" She yelled.

I stepped back a little afraid_although I was more tired than afraid.

My mum tried to speak for me but I stopped her from doing so. I couldn't drag her into my mess_ not when she was oblivious as to it, and didn't know that she was oblivious.

"I'll come to your house first thing tomorrow morning to explain Ma but for now I need to rest." I told her with the best innocent face I could come up with amidst my fears.

I felt weak and I knew that I could not speak to her this night. If I did I might end up implicating myself because I would be too tired to think through my replies.

She looked at me then at scar before she walked away.

My neighbors clustered around a little longer but then they all went into their houses after some minutes. I had to assure them that everything was fine.

Tomorrow was another day but for tonight we were all tired.

"Mira come up now!" My mum shouted from upstairs. My brothers were already in and she wanted to make sure that we were all safe in the house. As if I was safe anywhere not as long as Ken still lived though.

The only place I felt safe in was besides Scar.

"I'm coming now mum!" I shouted back so she could hear me.

"Don't waste more than five minutes downstairs. Do you hear me?" She warned before she went in.

I exhaled. I felt relieved that my mum let me stay for stay down for a while. I wanted to stay a little bit longer with Scar.

I turned to him.

"Thank you for everything." I said.

He nodded. "Let me check the back. I need to make sure that everything is OK." He dropped the gang man on the floor, "Stay put" he said sternly.

The guy nodded weakly.

I doubted if he would have been able to stand let alone escape even without Scar warning him.

"Yes, we should" I said, walking behind him

"We sounds like a lot of people stay behind and watch o

ver that guy." He ordered, looking furiously at me.

"You are really something else. This is my fight and you will not keep me in the sidelines. If there is anyone that should stay behind it_"

"Alright you can come too__Jeez!" He blurted out face palming. "Child." He whispered to himself.

"I heard you, I am not a child and you are just angry because I don't allow you control me."

He ignored me.

We checked the whole backyard for signs of anyone lurking around or for anything that was out of place but we found non.

After surveying the back Scar turned me around to face him and looking at me with so much passion he spoke.

"You are safe now they won't be coming back again. I will also talk to those officers now, they should not again leave there post_that was highly? unprofessional even for them. They just proved to be more useless than I thought. But you don't have to worry even if the officers don't stay I am here and nothing would happen to you or to your family_ not on my watch."

He held on to my hands_our fingers intertwined. "No man will touch you."

"For how long will you continue to protect me?"

"As long as I live."

I exhaled. Butterflies were really playing in my stomach.

"Ken will not stop until he has me. How long can I fight him? How long will I be safe? I may have just this night for all I know. He may take you or You may not be here when he comes next time." I scoffed. "I can't rely on your word because you are not omnipresent neither are you omniscience. He can outsmart you and when he does what becomes of me?"

When I spoke I tried hard not to show him how panicked I was.

My family needed me and for them I wanted to live. For them.

"I won't let anything happen to you take my word for it Mira. You just have to trust me." He said caressing my little finger.

"So what do I do when you finally leave? because you will leave they always do."

"I will never leave you, I_"

"My father left me, who are you to think you won't." I scoffed. It was more like a bitter chuckle.

"I am not your father. He is not me." He held my face and looked into my eyes, intensely and passionately. " I won't leave you. Not now not ever."

"You are right you are not my father, you are nothing to me."

With that said I took a hold of his hands that were on my cheeks and tried to bringing it down.

I wanted to be alone now, in my room to comfort myself with tears.

I wanted time to reassure myself that I could never get anything good, that I was nothing.

I could not risk Scar breaking the wall that I managed to build all these years after Ken's betrayal_ especially not when my father had already assured me of my damnation.

My own father.

I tried to remove his hands again but he wouldn't bulge.

"Please let me go." I begged. I tried so hard not to cry.

"You aggravate me, you really do. But then I find that I cannot control myself when I am around you and that's even the most aggravating part of it all. You drive me insane whether I am with you or without you."

He bent his head slowly and kissed me.

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