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   Chapter 29 In which she is stopped from falling

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3921

Updated: 2019-06-18 18:32

Scar came back soon enough with a fire extinguisher and a host.

He gave me the Host, while he used the extinguisher.

I found a small towel hanged at the iron bar of the down flat and then used it to cover my nose.

My lungs were starting to burn already.

He moved closer to the fire and I followed behind him while we both tried to quench it. Luckily what he got was very effective.

The more the fire died down the eager I was to put it out. So I moved closer and closer amidst my burning eyes and lungs.

"Get back Mira!" Scar shouted pulling me back.

"Why, this is my war!" I shouted back.

I was not a coward and I could not allow myself to get used to him always being there to help me when in trouble because I knew that one day he would leave. I knew that as a fact they always leave. And then another part of my mind would go with him until I lost it all.

"Don't be stubborn or do you want to look like me? Hideous? Get back now. Jesus!"

"Don't say stupid things like that and stop trying to suppress me, I am no child!"

My nose was blocked now and tears fell down my eyes in quantum.

The fire was going down so fast_ the smoke became t

the fire or because Scar was staring.

"The guy you broke his legs, he may be useful to us in the long run, bring him along please."

I said removing his hands from my waist. He had been so close to me, I was aroused. I wanted to kiss him so much.

It must be the fire messing with your brain. I said to myself.

"Get up." he ordered

Was he serious now? the guy was almost unconscious. I thought with an eye roll.

"I don't think he can stand, you have to help him up."

I laughed when scar grumbled "You were the one who broke his legs remember. I think we all should be ready to pay for the consequences of our actions."

He mimicked me and sighed. Then seeing that he had no other choice he bent down, then he put the guys hands on his shoulder to support him.

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