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   Chapter 28 In which she looks for Scar

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 8576

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I followed behind him_ to the back of the compound to see what was up.

When I got to the back I met him

Fighting two guys. Then Their was a third guy on the floor limping.

When the man on the floor saw that Scar was now distracted in fighting the other two men_ he tried to jump over the roof eager to save himself.

"Hey." I shouted, he stopped and turned back to look at me. His face showing nothing other than shock and fear. I gave him the middle finger before he finally jumped over.

I could not go after him_It would be stupid of me since I couldn't fight him.

Although by impulse it was the first thing I wanted to do.

Turning back to the scene I saw that the first guy Scar was fighting or rather beating was now on his knees begging for his life. He was saying some things but I couldn't hear him from where I stood watching.

The second man stood still afraid to make a move. I kept my eyes on him.

"Call the police Mira!" Scar shouted_which was so that I could here him over the disturbing sound of generators

"What police? "

"The one outside, the one assigned to your family!" He shouted rolling his eyes.

Oh I totally forgot!

I ran to the gate to call them. On getting to the gate I checked around but did not didn't see anyone on police uniform so I assumed that they they ran away when they saw the gang members coming into the compound, I would not put it past them.

Like I said the Police force could be very incompetent.

I was so pissed by their obvious lack of care and incompetence but I chose not to brood about it. Instead I ran back to inform Scar of the new development so he would not have any force hope in mind. He should already know not to trust the Police

"They are not here!" I shouted when I got to him.

He turned to face me and the second one of the gang men saw that scar was distracted he used it to his advantage.

He also but jumped over the fence with a bent leg limping. Scar didn't try to stop him even when he noticed that the guy was trying to escape.

"Don't worry about the guys that jumped Babe. This one will do. I like having a scape goat. " He said smiling sickly. He didn't need to shout now since I was now standing by his side_watching his every move.

He looked unhinged when he spoke and I was not the only one that noticed it because the last man, the one he held on to looked at him with so much fear that I was surprised he hadn't pissed on himself.

The man started to stammer and struggle but Scar still held on to his wrist, so tight I feared that it would

had already come out. They must have smelt the smoke like I predicted.

It appeared that my neighbour was the only one not aware of the fire.

I think my landlady already knew about it, she was the landlady after all. They must have informed her already.

My neighbour took long to open the door as they could not hear the knock over the sound of their big generator. In fact I was almost giving up when the woman finally opened up.

"Fire!" I shouted without even as much as a good evening ma.

Just then my mother came out holding my siblings in one hand and in the other she carried a blanket and a gallon of water.

"Let's go!" I said to David and Daniel.

They both looked tired and scared but theirs could not be compared to mine.

I took their hands as we sprinted down the stairs.

"Wait here. Stay with mummy." I told them immediately we got down.

"Where are you going to?" My mum asked worriedly.

"I want to check something." I replied.

She was about to object when I walked out running straight to the backyard. Luckily she didn't follow me as my brothers held her tight.

I hastened to the backyard only to see that the fire had finished burning every other thing in it_the flowers and dirt.

The fire was already starting to spread to the houses. If the house burns down it would leave us homeless. We had no money or land or house anywhere and my father was no longer around_even if he was around he would be of no use.

I stopped breathing when the realization hit me that my family would have to relocate to the village if our house burnt down.

"Jesus! Jesus!" I screamed before all the generators went off.

My head started pounding again. Where was scar.

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