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   Chapter 27 In which she stands still

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7464

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I walked ahead_ahead_ so fast that I was at the junction of the street before the gang men could say Ali.

"Hey Mira you don't have to walk like the damn army I am still with you." Scar called to me. He was laughing so hard it infuriated me. I didn't blame him though_ He was not the one that was almost taken.

After the scene I had pulled my hands out of his and walked away. Now he was behind me while I was tried to walk-run home.

"Don't talk to me scar!" I shot back still walking fast

"That attitude again." He scoffed.

I turned around just in time to see the pain in his eyes.

"What! you should have let them kidnap me if you knew that you were going to stress me this much." I said stopping on my tracks.

But I let the attitude drop and decided to be nice against my better judgment.

He was now close to me having walked to where I was.

I took his hands in mine and smiled.

His eyes looked different this night, unique_ His breathing changed, I felt it, I felt all of him just by holding his hands.

"Teach me to fight scar, I Don't want to have to run anymore, I want to protect my family, myself. Teach me to fight." I begged.

"I will try to teach you not just how to fight, but how to defend yourself. But First of all we have to get rid of ken." He said taking hold my other hand.

We were both standing in the middle of the road but I couldn't care less_which was unlike me.

"Do you mean kill him, " I whispered.

Everyone that walked passed looked at us first. I imagined the image in their head. The image of the simple beautiful girl with the dreaded scar.

I would have cared really. I used to care about what they thought but not tonight. Tonight I needed him, and the rest of the world could burn.

He was the one who was staking his life for me, I didn't care how he looked. The world will not protect me neither will their damn opinions so why should I leave the one who could for them.

"No not that_no killing_ even if I would love to kill him. What I meant was this, that we? look for him and send him as a post Easter present to the police, that would be nice won't it? Afterall The police are our friend they need easter gifts too"

"Yes it would be Very nice" I no

e because you smelled fuel? Get out of here and stop causing a scene." I fumed pointing at the gate. "Now!"

He eyed my finger which was pointed at the gate and ignored me.

"You are so unnecessarily stubborn. Can't you smell fuel or you just don't want to?"

"Stupid you! The smell is obviously coming from our neighbors generator. Are you so daft or can you not see that everyone in this compound uses generator at nigh because of the power outage. Leave don't make this a big deal. I cant have my neighbors coming out of their houses to_"

"Shh." He hushed me. "Keep quiet and hear me out. If what you say was what it was the smell of fuel wont be concentrated in one place. The whole compound wreaks of it. I mean the whole freaking compound wreaks of fuel!"

"But_" My voice trailed off. I was stupefied. I didn't know what else to say.

Now that I kept quiet I could smell it_the fuel_the odour was everywhere.

It was as if someone deliberately poured fuel all over the place even on the goddamn damn flowers that grew on the wall of the compound and around it.

"Someone is trying to start a fire Mira, the dragon gang are known to kill with fire_it all makes sense now. They didn't want to take you with them, no they wanted to distract you so you would come just in time to watch your family burn."

"Ken doesn't want to kill you, he wants to break you." Scar added.

I stood still, as still as a statue while I watched him run to the back for God knows what.

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