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   Chapter 26 In which her heart stops

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7394

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I turned to him and said the first thing that came to my mind.

"I am going home of course where else will I be going to?" I dared to reply

"Hell maybe." he spat

"Wow hilarious but I think you are referring to yourself."

With that he almost hit me but was stopped by one of the guys.

"He said no one should hurt her remember."

"The girl is unbearable" The one who was leading half screamed.

It grinned. I have gotten that reaction from a lot of people.

"Hey I am still here let go of my hand please, I'm asking nicely now which is a first." I said, with a sickly sweet smile.

"You are coming with us, don't think we are here to play with you!"

"Hahaha OK its funny, it was a joke right". I said. I blinked my eyes in a sort of cute way but maintained a frown.

"Does it look like we are joke?" he bellowed, squeezing my wrist.

"It sure does." I replied, suppressing the pain his tight grip was causing to me with practiced ease.

It was not that I did not feel the pain, it was that I have always felt pain so now I'm used to it.

In the long run, Pain has been my companion, my acquittance the only feeling I understood with all clarity.

I stand to prove that physical pain cannot be compared to emotional pain, while the former weakens you the latter kills you slowly, painfully. A death no one should be subjected to. A death I won't wish for my enemy.

"You want to play tough?" he laughed. "I am not Ken and I am not in love with you so take care how you act. Do not provoke me."

"I am tough I am not acting it. How do you think I've survived in this town, by being weak? I think not."

"You survived because you were insignificant." He snorted

"And now I am significant, why?" I asked as If I didn't already know. Damn ken he was trying to ruin more my already ruined life

"You are in no position to ask questions!"

With this said he twisted my wrist all the more. I whimpered.

In defense, I kicked him hard on his left leg.

He let go of my wrist, shocked.

When he set me free I tried to run back to the direction of the church but he caught me real quick.

He grabbed my waist. "You idiot." He spat. He brought his hands up to my neck and sque

had to.

"She's no ones girl, drop the knife now and leave."

"Look at him thinking he is all powerful." He laughed. Then he turned to face his boys, he made a funny gesture to them which made them join in the laughter.

"I will kill him, and sell his body part one by one." He threatened.

Normally, I would have been afraid for Scar but he had proven himself to be capable of handling any danger.

The one with huge muscles tried attacking him Scar with the knife. It was a not so expert move judging from the way Scar swiftly dodged the attack and held on to his hand.

Then he kicked the guys knees so hard that he flew back in shock and pain.

He started rolling on the floor screaming.

"Does anyone else want to this a try. Please Don't say yes I do hate inflicting pain. But if you leave me no choice I would do just that" He said in a triumphant voice that was both sexy and deadly.

I turned to face him daring to look away from them. There was a murderous glint in his eyes that looked too familiar. Too too familiar.

No one answered. So we took it as a clue to turn around and leave. Save the fight for another day.

"You are mine." A voice whispered in my ears. I promptly turned around to see who the voice belonged to but there was no one behind me or around me except Scar.

Afraid I looked up to see that he was smiling down at me. My heart stopped.

Did I know him from somewhere? Why did he suddenly look so familiar? I thought.

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