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   Chapter 25 In which she is stopped

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5551

Updated: 2019-06-17 19:23

I have been on the look out for Ken or any of his cohorts for the past to weeks.

My life successfully turned into a horror movie_ without ghost of course before my own eyes.

Scar still stalked me and I gave up on telling him to stop.

He infuriated me beyond reason_ especially at night when he wears the cape and stands at my window.

When I choose to ignore him thoughts of him even make me more furious.

There was this air of familiarity around him as if I knew him from before.

Then there was the feeling that he was someone I should fear. Someone with a whole lot of secrets.

He confused and angered me but I couldn't deny the fact that in my heart of hearts I was grateful for his presence_the presence of a protector.

Today I was going to choir practice. Something that I decided that I couldn't stop doing no matter how many gang men were after me.

Music was my life.

As a soprano singer I had to train my voice everyday. I loved to listen to bass so much.

Life transforms for me when I close my eyes to absorb the harmony of voices during rehearsal.

I Loved alto too and tenor but bass was my weakness, especially if they were singing a part alone_or better still a bass solo.

I have no words to describe how much I loved bass singers. In fact sometimes I wished that I was a bass singer but it was a wish kind of impossible.

I didn't have that tiny girly voice but my voice was still that of a girl_It wasn't deep at all.

My friends in the choir told me that singing bass could distort my face and voice

The way my friends described to me how my face and voice would be if I dared to go ahead and try to be a

h too beautiful for my own good. Sometimes this gave me confidence but in moments like this it caused me to fear.

I pretended to have no fear of them and continued walking but I increased my pace.

Soon I passed the walking danger in front of me in the form of six guys. This road was far from dangerous I could be raped and killed or raped or killed whichever one.

I prayed that they were not connected to ken in any way.

"Hey stop there!" A voice called.

I tried to run but a strong hand held my ankle stopping me.

"Not so fast, where do you think you are going?" The leader of the six guys asked harshly.

The rest of the men stood behind him their face as hard as stone.

It was 7:30? and the road was dark. My Mum always warns me not to take this route alone but I keep feeling immortal.

Damn Achilles with his, "Here is your immortality take it"

Now I was about to take my death.

"I said where do you think you are going?" He asked again, his voice louder.

I stared at him with the bravest face I could muster even though my heart was pounding hard against my chest.

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