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   Chapter 24 In which she goes downstairs

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4038

Updated: 2019-06-17 17:55

My mum was the best.

When I came home I complained to my mum about the pounding in my head that was without telling her the real reason why it was so.

She asked why I was home late and

I made an excuse about my boss asking us to leave early because he wanted to go to a very important wedding. She believed me.

I told her that a customer argued with me all through the morning and that was why my head ached.

She felt pity for me and gave me drugs to take. Then she begged that I try to sleep immediately so I could wake up feeling better tomorrow.

The drugs did help relieve me of my headache but it didn't help me sleep.

I kept rolling and turning on the bed out of worry and fear. Sleep was very far from me at this point.

My paranoia kicked in making me feel worse.

I started to feel like someone was watching me. "I give up. There is no need trying to sleep." I said to myself, already exhausted.

I stood up and walked to the window to get a glimpse of the stars and to check if there was anyone downstairs.

Although my compound was fenced and protected all round with broken bottles_I knew that a skilled thief of kidnapper could still be able to jump through it.


hich was just as black showed just his eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

If you looked close enough you could still see the scars underneath the mask. The only design on the cape was a tiger with guns underneath him.

Nothing about him made sense. I shouldn't even have been wasting my time talking to him. He was clearly jobless and insane.

I signed and turned to leave. He grabbed my hand flipping me so I faced him.

"You seem to like running a lot?" He asked with a frown.

"Because you do not want to give me any answers like_ Why do you keep following me? there are a lot of people in this town why do you choose to watch me. Is that all you can be, a stalker? Or is there something more."

He laughed out loud. "With time your questions will be answered. Patience my dear. Patience Reina."

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