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   Chapter 23 In which she is saved.

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3372

Updated: 2019-06-17 17:12

"I like what you did there. You are really brave standing your ground like that. I am really impressed." Scar was saying as we both walked home.

We stayed opposite each other so it was impossible to avoid him no matter how much I wanted to do just that.

He had been trying to have a conversation with me ever since we both left the station.

I have made known my lack of interest to have said conversation with me yet he won't just take a hint and let me be.

"I like how you insisted on the uniform thing. That was smart of you." He added, when I did not reply.

"I do not know anymore if it's the right thing or it's not. But seeing as the police are so useless to come up with something better then I will have to trust my instincts." I replied and exhaled through my mouth.

I was tired and sleepy.

"Nothing is going to happen to you or your family. It doesn't matter what the police does or doesn't do." He said sternly.

I stopped walking and he did too.

"You sound so sure of it." I

about! When you girls prefer to start knowing men at your early age instead of you to focus on your studies! All you people that want to commit suicide you won't do it alone but prefer to implicate someone else."

He hissed loudly finally getting back into his car.

"Should he not be grateful that he didn't hit me." I mumbled, getting out of Scars grip.

"You walked into his car." Scar said, the look on his face indecipherable.


Although this time I let Scar walk by my side_ just to keep me safe from harm. He was now playing the role of my guardian angel.

It would be disastrous for me to keep pushing him away if he was there to save me.

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