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   Chapter 21 In which he gets angry

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4763

Updated: 2019-06-16 10:55

The DPO looked to be in his early?fifties but he still had this youthful?look. He was kind of handsome this old handsomeness kind of thing.

I had the feeling that he could?not be trusted. I hated being suspicious of everything but that was just how my mind worked. Paranoia.

"Mira." He repeated after me, tasting my name. Then he looked up at scar. "Sir can you please wait outside."

"No I want to stay here with her_ after all I witnessed? everything?that happened. I was the one? who saved her so I want to be here." Scar?insisted.

"I am not sure that Mira_here_ will be comfortable?with a stranger being present when a sensitive case like hers is to be discussed." he said, now looking? at me.

He was probably?expecting?me to say that I was not going to be comfortable? with a stranger being present to listen to my case.

But, I didn't trust?him around me?and right now scar was my guardian? angel.

Plus, the pleading look Scar?gave to me completely weakened me, stopping?me from asking? him? to leave?even if I wanted?to do so.

"He can stay."? I said smiling " He's?the reason I am here after all if not for him I would probably be with that cocksucker now." I shivered the mere thought of being with Ken.

From the corner?of my eyes I could? see scar?smile, smiling made him look less?scary.

"What's your name Mr." The Dpo asked. He was obviously angry with the fact that?Scar refused?to leave?m

hew of my Aunty's? husband." I replied

"Aunty like blood?related "

"No my mums close friend"

"Oh I see." the DPO said, nodding? his head like an agama lizard. "So he decided to come after you because

He wants?you."

"Yes I guess." I replied blinking. I was starting to feel sleepy from?all this questions.

"Why? " he asked

"Seriously?are you asking?her why he wants her. I think the questions is not necessary! I am sorry to interrupt you but the issue?here is that Ken tried to harm away and that he got away. What should be the main concern?of the police?now is how to get him?before? he pulls another?one of his stunt on her." Scar spoke calmly, But his voice was laced with obvious anger.

Remind?me again?who?was almost? kidnapped because right?now he was acting more of the?victim than I was.

"I don't intend to scare?you Mira but you are in danger. Ken is a very dangerous man and if he has his eyes set on you then_"

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